March 13, 2010

glee news

On Saturday, Paley Fest featured a Glee panel (for the non-geeks among us, this is the annual television festival put on by the Paley Center).

As excited as I am for the return of Glee, I've really tried to stay spoiler-free during this hiatus. Not that Glee is particularly plot heavy, but I love experiencing the music and guest star surprises during each episode, so I'm trying to steer clear of casting news, etc.

But of course, we need a few tidbits to hold us over until the show's return on Tuesday, April 13. Here are a few fun moments and very light spoilers from the panel:

  • Unlike some of the other panels, almost the entire cast (I think Lea was missing?) and all three co-creators were on the panel, garnering the festival's largest audience to date.

  • There will be an episode in season two with original music.

  • The role of Sue Sylvester was specially written for Jane Lynch. Best decision ever made in the history of pilot writing.

  • Kurt will have a boyfriend in this coming spring season.

  • Amber Riley (Mercedes) tried out for American Idol and didn't even make it to the judges.

  • Two words: Joss Whedon

  • Four letters: AC/DC
If you want all the dirty detailers, a few bloggers came through with really comprehensive reports:

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