March 2, 2010

coming up in march

March is a welcome friend for those of us who have fallen victim to an ungodly amount of snow this winter. But March also means some new television and the return of some favorites (and not so favorites).

Here's what's new this month. Anything look interesting to you?

Parenthood (NBC, March 2)
Unless you live in a hole, you've seen the promos for NBC's new family dramedy Parenthood. I've read some very mixed reviews from the critics, but I'm definitely keeping an open mind. Lauren Graham and Coach back in my life is nothing to complain about. Although, I'd prefer this show at 9:00 - up against The Good Wife and White Collar at 10:00 is tough for me.

Marriage Ref (NBC, March 4)
There was a preview premiere after the closing ceremonies, but I missed it because I was in Olympic mourning. Anyone watch? This isn't typically my kind of show, but looks kind of entertaining. I may tune in this week.

Players (Spike, March 2)
Half hour comedy about two brothers who run a sports bar. One brother (Matt Walsh of Daily Show fame) is a free-spirited guy who is living out his fantasy of owning a bar. The other brother (Ian Roberts) is more uptight trying to keep the focus on the bar turning a profit. Probably won't make my schedule, but I'm intrigued after reading that the script is mostly improvised (the first of many Curb copies, I'm sure).

The Pacific (HBO, March 14)
One of those times when I really wish I would buck up and pay for premium channels. I've heard really good things about this one. Produced by Hanks, Spielberg, and Goetzman, you really can't go wrong. It's a 10-part miniseries about the Pacific Theater of WWII. I'm already adding it to the Netflix queue.

Sons of Tucson (Fox, March 14)
I feel like this show has been "coming soon" forever. Three young boys hire a conman to act as their father when real dad goes to prison. This show has the potential to be darkly hilarious - similar to Malcolm in the Middle - but a lot is riding on the writing, since the plot is so twisted.

Justified (FX, March 16)
Just learned about this one, and I'm pretty intrigued. An hour-long procedural drama about a US Marshall with a cowboy complex (played by the great Timothy Olyphant from Deadwood). He's reason enough to check this out.

Ugly Americans (Comedy Central, March 17)
If any network can make this work, it's Comedy Central. An animated comedy about a social worker who helps creatures like vampires, mermaids, and zombies adjust to normal life in New York City. I'm sensing all kinds of double entendre.

Returning in March:

Gossip Girl (March 8) - Billy Baldwin comes in as Serena and Eric's daddy!

90210 (March 9) - I never watched the first half, but this will be summer trash for me.

Melrose Place (March 9) - A lot hinges on the ratings for the second half of the season.

Celebrity Apprentice (March 14) - A small part of my really wants to see Cyndi take on Sharon.

Nurse Jackie (March 22) - I really need to catch the first season on DVD.

United States of Tara (March 22) - Here's hoping more viewers tune in to this award winner.

10 Things I Hate About You (March 30) - I'm just going to say it. I loved this show.

V (March 30) - They REALLY need to bring it for me to care about this show's return.

FlashForward (March 30) - Ugh, I just don't know.


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