March 14, 2010

parks and rec casting news

Thursday nights have become such a happy time. For three reasons: Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Office. As much as I love the ABC comedies this season, NBC's nose dive into the abyss is greatly helped by these three comedies (30 Rock also great, but I don't watch as religiously).

The Office has been a favorite for a long time. Though I'm starting to see the end of the road for Dunder Mifflin, this season (especially with the addition of Kathy Bates!) has been great. And Community gets funnier every week - Abed and Troy are particular favorites.

But the point of this post is to update you on some cast shake-ups at Parks and Rec. While the show struggled a little bit during the first season, they have really hit their stride this year (the show has already been renewed for a third season). I'm loving Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt, and Aubrey Plaza's work. Amy Poehler is a given - her scenes with Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson have been great lately.

A few weeks ago, you may have heard that Rob Lowe will be joining the cast later this season and will stay on at least into the beginning of next season. I love this. Personally, I think Rob Lowe is at his (non-Sam Seaborn) best in comedy, especially this dry style of awkward humor. I can't wait to see him in Pawnee.

Lowe will also be joined by Adam Scott, another addition to the cast beginning later this season. You'll recognize Scott from many roles in movies like Step Brothers, Knocked Up, Leap Year, and most recently in HBO's Party Down. He's hilarious. Supposedly, the two will play a pair of government specialists sent to Pawnee to help the town through some tough times.

Unfortunately, these two new additions come with the news that Paul Schneider will be leaving his role as Mark Brandanawicz. Mixed feelings here. During the first season, it seemed like Mark would serve as Leslie's unrequited love. I was glad they moved away from that, but as Ann's boyfriend this season, there hasn't been much for him to do (not very much for Ann either come to think of it). I like Schneider as an actor, but it seems like a good idea for him to move on. Apparently, all partings are amicable, and we probably have not seen the last of Brandanawicz.


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