November 29, 2009

TNT cancels raising the bar

TNT has annouced the cancellation of Raising the Bar after two seasons. Anyone sad? This wasn't on my regular watch list, but I did catch an episode here and there.

It seemed to have all the right ingredients - strong cast, good stories, etc. - but didn't quite come together. I had trouble with the believability of some of the main characters. It felt like major story arcs were set up to fall flat as it struggled with that fine line between a procedural and a serial drama. Characters like Jane Kaczmarek's Judge Kessler could have been used a lot more effecively.

If nothing else, it proved that Mark-Paul Gosselaar can hold his own as an adult actor. And thanks bunches for ridding him of that unfortunate hair situation from season one.

Quote from a TNT rep on

"Everyone at TNT had a great experience working on Raising the Bar with Steven Bochco and the rest of the show's terrific cast and crew. We're proud of the series and appreciate the efforts of all of the creative people who were involved. Unfortunately, ratings for Raising the Bar's second season did not reach the levels required for TNT to renew the series."


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