November 27, 2009

UPDATE fall 2009: fate of new shows

** I'll bring this post to the top every time there's an update.

News is starting to come in about the fate of the new fall shows. We know the first ship to sink was The Beautiful Life, which CW cut after airing only 3 episodes. I will keep a running list on this post.

FYI when reading this, "picked up for a full first season" means the network ordered enough episodes for the show to complete a full season. Usually, when a pilot is ordered and put on the schedule, they only ask for 8 or 9 episodes to see how the ratings go. If the network likes what they see, they order a "back nine" or a full season. Early full season pickups are usually a good sign for a second season order. We may even see early announcements for second seasons, so I'll list those here as well.

There are also notes about returning shows at the bottom (as they come in). If there's a show that I'm not including, please post a comment, and I'll do my best to track it down.

The Jay Leno Show
Trauma - thought cancelled, but NBC ordered 3 more episodes on Nov. 19 leaving 6 unaired episodes after the holiday hiatus, no word on when those will air
Mercy - picked up for a full first season, but ratings are struggling
Community - picked up for a first full season

The Forgotten - network ordered five more episodes, but future looks bleak
Hank - cancelled, no plans to air the remaining five episodes
The Middle - picked up for a full first season
Modern Family - picked up for a full first season
Cougar Town - picked up for a full first season
Eastwick - network decided not to order more episodes after initial 13, essentially cancelled
FlashForward - picked up for a full first season, but the showrunner left, which is curious
V - airing 4 weeks starting Nov. 3 then scheduled to return after the Olympics

Accidentally On Purpose - picked up for 5 more episodes in addition the original order
NCIS: Los Angeles - picked up for a full first season, and increased order to 24 episodes
The Good Wife - picked up for a full first season, and increased order to 23 episodes
Three Rivers - removed from the schedule on Dec. 1, no immediate plans for remaining episodes
Medium (new to CBS)

Glee - first half of the season wraps on Dec. 9, back nine episodes will start in April
Brothers - pulled from the Nov. sweeps lineup, last episode on 12/27, no word of a renewal
The Cleveland Show - picked up for full first and second seasons

The Beautiful Life (CW) - cancelled after three episodes aired
Melrose Place (CW) - Colin Egglesfield & Ashley Simpson-Wentz axed in a "creative overhaul"
The Vampire Diaries (CW) - picked up for a full first season
Stargate Universe (Syfy) - renewed for a second season
White Collar (USA)
Bored to Death (HBO)

News on Returning Shows:
Southland (NBC) - cancelled by NBC, but TNT will air the 7 episodes from last season, plus 6 news ones already produced by NBC starting Jan. 12. After that, we'll see if they decide to make more.
The Bill Engvall Show (TBS) - cancelled
Castle (ABC) - picked up for a full second season
Parks & Recreation (NBC) - picked up for a full second season
In Treatment (HBO) - picked up for a full second season, but will take a break in January
Lie to Me (FOX) - network ordered 3 more scripts, but ratings are struggling
Dollhouse (FOX) - cancelled, finale tentatively scheduled for jan. 22
Numb3rs (CBS) - cut back from 22 to 16 episodes for this season


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