November 30, 2009

new comedy for nicole richie?

I love ABC for bringing some great comedy to television this year. Modern Family, Cougar Town... and Better Off Ted is returning next week. Has this success gone to their head? Will they use their power for good? This remains to be seen.

Variety is reporting that Nicole Richie will star in single-camera half-hour comedy in development at ABC. Really? Scripted television? I'll admit, she was funny as the ballsy brat on Simple Life, and I even liked her guest spot on Chuck last season. But her own half-hour comedy on primetime? I'm skeptical.

The show would feature Nicole as a "professional woman with complicated family relationships and struggling to figure out what role she'll take as her life and family evolve." Vague enough for you? I think they just described every female-lead comedy ever written.

I'm a fan of Nicole's in general. She really seems to be doing well these days. I always love her clothes, the babies are adorable, and Benji seems like a swell guy. But I have a feeling this show will have me wondering, yet again, why Samantha Who? got the boot.

Note: Keep in mind, this isn't even a pilot yet. The journey from a script to a full-blown series pickup is a long and arduous one. I'll keep you updated if I hear anything more.


Andrea said...

Just a quick note to say that Nicole's baby daddy is Joel Madden, although Benji seems nice too. :)

clicker said...

you're right! i can't believe i got that wrong!

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