November 15, 2009

best series of the '00s?

Last week, The Onion's AV Club posted the top ten television series of the '00s. I'm not in a mental space to even begin taking on a list of my own right now, but I like their attempt and the evidence presented. They even list "essential episodes" that must be watched to appreciate each show

You should read the full story here, but here's a summary:
  1. The Wire

  2. The Sopranos

  3. Arrested Development

  4. Freaks & Geeks

  5. Mad Men

  6. Breaking Bad

  7. The Office (UK)

  8. Lost

  9. Deadwood

  10. The Shield
Although my list would include some slightly different shows, I can get behind almost all of these picks, except I've never seen Breaking Bad (on the queue), and I'm not sure The Office UK deserves a slot over the American version. If possible, I would give them equal billing.

What's your top ten? Can you believe we're almost done with this decade?


frank said...

But the UK Office really does deserve credit for its innovation.

clicker said...

Definitely agree. And the American version would obviously be nowhere without it. But I worry their six seasons of success go under-appreciated by critics and award programs because they weren't the original innovators. I just think it's a good example of making lemonade from lemons after the UK version's untimely demise.

Egan Caufield said...

The Wire #1? Senator Clay Davis responds:

Andrea said...

There's a good argument that The Wire is the best show of all time- definitely the best of '00s.

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