November 14, 2009

keep a look out for "the observer" this week

Whether or not you watch Fringe on FOX, you may find yourself the victim of viral marketing this week. The network is launching a campaign in conjunction with this Thursday's episode.

If you don't watch, here's the background: there's a recurring character called "The Observer" - a mysterious bald white man. Although he has only been featured as a minor character in one or two episodes, he appears in the background of every episode making "find The Observer" a favorite game among fans. We're still not sure where exactly he fits in to Fringelore, but we will learn more in this week's episode. A good time to start watching!

The viral campaign will involve "observers" popping up Sunday's NFL game and So You Think You Can Dance. I saw him last year on American Idol (and screamed). You may also see flashes of observer images on FOX's primetime programming this week.

Those of you living in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Boston and Chicago (No DC love?) should also look out for observers wandering around the city passing out Tabasco sauce (a favorite of this mysterious character). You can do some research to track them down here:

Comment here if you have an Observer Encounter this week!

EW's Ausiello posted this exclusive teaser. I dare you to click and not want to watch this episode.


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