November 17, 2009

be my guest

A lot of guest spot news coming from the scoopers this week. Here are some highlights:

House: We'll finally meet Foreman's long lost, incarcerated brother Marcus in February. He'll be played by Orlando Jones (Magnolia, Drum Line). The Foreman brothers will meet during Marcus' parole hearing, in which Dr. House will most definitely stick his nose. (Ausiello Files)

Better Off Ted: The lovely and talented Taye Diggs will play a love interest for Linda in the December 8th season premiere. Veridian encourages staff to date coworkers who are their perfect genetic match in order to save money on health insurance in the future. Ha! We owe this guest appearance to Diggs' close friendship with Jay Harrington, who also had a short stint on Private Practice. (Matt's TV News)

Private Practice: My friend Melissa McCarthy will be guesting as an expectant mother and patient of Dell's (glad he will be back) in January. (Ausiello Files)

Castle: Abigail Spencer, the infamous left-in-the-car teacher who just finished (hopefully) her stint on Mad Men, will play a murder victim's fiancee on next week's episode. Also, Perrey Reeves (or Mrs. Ari) will play the victim's wife. Uh oh! (TV Fanatic)

Parks & Recreation: No surprise, but great news. Will Arnett will guest as an MRI technician in an upcoming episode. I love him, and I love his taste in women. Also, Justin Theroux (John Adams, Six Feet Under) will join the cast in a recurring role as a friend of Ann's who's a potential love interest for Leslie. He's a great score for the show, but does this mean the cop is dunzo? I like him! (Watch with Kristin, Ausiello Files)

Modern Family
: Late edition! This piece of dream casting was just posted. None other than Fred Williard has been cast as Phil's dad. Seriously, couldn't be more perfect. I can't wait. (Matt's TV News)


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