November 18, 2009

yes, hello. mr. sorkin calling for mr. malina please.

Missing Aaron Sorkin in your television life? Or your personal life for that matter?

He's currently working on the Facebook movie with Justin Timberlake, but here's an interview with TV Guide where he talks about the next small screen project, another series that takes place back stage on a television set! As much as I loved Sports Night and Studio 60, they never really got the ratings. Let's hope third time's the charm.

Favorite quote:

Sorkin said he “hopes” to reunite on the project with at least some of the actors he’s worked with previously. “If you're a writer, when you're find an actor like Josh Malina, Felicity Huffman, Brad Whitford, Matt Perry, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, all these great actors that I've worked with, you just want to stick them in your pocket and work with them forever, so I hope so.”

YES PLEASE. All of the above.


The Big O said...

there is a god

merideth said...

i knew i wouldn't be the first to comment on this post.

this is the best news i've heard all week!

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