July 23, 2009

ugly meadow!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, a.k.a. Meadow Soprano, has been cast in the recurring role of Daniel's new assistant "Natalie" on Ugly Betty. Natalie is described as "sexy, spiritual, and funny".

I'm excited about this news. I really liked Jamie-Lynn's Entourage stint, and her guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother was hilarious. This lady has some comedy chops, and Ugly Betty seems like a good fit for her.

Here's hoping this generates some buzz to remind fans of Betty's unfortunate move to Fridays. I would love to see the writers breath some new life into this season and comeback with a bang. It seems as though the actors are better than ever, but the plot is flailing just a little a bit. More murder mysteries, funny Suarez family, Mark and Amanda. Less cancer, lovesick Willy, and Betty love triangles.


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