July 24, 2009

tgif top 10: so you think you can dance

HOW have I never before watched So You Think You Can Dance? As an avid Idol fan, there is really no excuse. The Katie Holmes performance caught my curiosity (well done promoters), so I tuned in last night for what turned about to be a special episode because it was their 100th. Sweet Mary Poppins. I'm in love. And I'm turning this revelation into this week's top 10 list.

Top 10 Things I Love About SYTYCD **
  1. The Host: Cat Deeley completely sets the tone for the program - possibly more than any other live show I've seen. She's obviously a huge fan of the choreographers and performances, but also plays mother hen to the dancers. It's an elimination show, so she's charged with generating the "suspense" on results nights, but she does it in such non-patronizing way. You just don't feel the ugly awkwardness as in other shows. How does she not have an Emmy nomination yet? I love her!

  2. Production: Although they are both executive produced by Nigel Lythgoe (also a SYTYCD judge), this show's production seems of much higher quality than American Idol. Sure, Idol is dealing with a much larger stage and audience, but the transitions, cutaways, and montages seem so much more fluid and cohesive.

  3. Audience: What love coming from this audience! They really cheer the great moves in each performance and keep the energy up quite well.

  4. Choreography: The show's choreographers have received a number of Emmy nods, and rightfully so. Their work is really amazing, and I only saw a handful of performances. I like how they receive accolades with the dancers come judging time.

  5. Music: Already I found a few songs to download, a good mix of genres.

  6. Judges: Last night, I saw Nigel, Mary and Mia. I'm not sure if others rotate in or if that just happens during the audition round, but these three have great chemistry and a good mix of providing technical critique and just plan geeking out.

  7. Set: The set design and camera angles work really well for this format. The stage seems small and intimate, but the dancers make it look huge somehow. I don't pretend to know anything about this. I just like how it looks.

  8. Dancers: How amazing are these people? Super talented and hardworking. They also seem to generally support and enjoy performing together. That brings me to the last point...

  9. Love: I don't know if this was just a special episode, but the everyone was just oozing with love. The dancers seem to actually like each other and admire the choreographers. The judges are huge fans of dance, as well as successes in their own right. And Cat is either a really good actress or she genuinely cares for and supports the contestants. It's a love fest!

  10. Cute boys.

** after one episode


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