July 22, 2009

project runway all-star challenge!

The long awaited return of Project Runway is less than a month away. Has anyone seen the new set of "meet the designers" promos from Lifetime? The aesthetic is the same, but the look and feel of the advertising is very different. More biographical and contemplative, less dramatic. This worries me slightly, but the more comprehensive show site gives me hope.

The best news? Lifetime just announced a 2-hour Project Runway All-Star Challenge to air as a lead-in to the new season premiere on August 20th. I love this idea to get fans back into the Runway.

Here's the lineup:

Daniel Vosovic (Season 2) - Great talent, excited to see his stuff again.
Santino Rice (Season 2) - Gotta have someone to bring the drama.
Jeffrey Sebelia (Season 3) - Over him, but I wouldn't mine seeing him throw down with Santino.
Uli Herzner (Season 3) - Love her. Can she please design a line of sundresses for Target?
Mychael Knight (Season 3) - Gives him an opportunity to make up for his tragic Fashion Week show (and he definitely changed the spelling of his name).
Chris March (Season 4) - Always fun to watch him and see what he creates.
Sweet P (Season 4) - All I can remember is her whining.
Korto Momolu (Season 5) - Super talented, but hopefully nicer without crazypants Kenley.

One other note, they created a whole new show for the models, creatively called Models of the Runway. This will air right after Project Runway each week. I've never been one to get into the model shows, but since it will immediately follow the show, I will probably check it out.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I had been feeling like the promotion of the new PR has been super, for lack of a better word, Lifetime-y. I worry that the bitchy-competative edge has been hampered by the Army-Wives feel-goodery of the television for (Middle American) women. Perhaps it's just being advertised that way---hopefully the same editing and producing team will keep it the way the gays and strays like it.

suse said...

you know that jeffrey and santino are friends? apparently, it was santino who got jeffrey to do the show and taught him that the more drama he brings, the longer he'll stay on.

ny mag did an interesting article on it a couple years ago.

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