July 17, 2009

tgif top 10: emmy disses

I'm long overdue for a Friday top 10 list, so in keeping with the Emmy theme, here are my top 10 Emmy nomination disses. Actually, there are in no particular order. I should just call it the ten ten list.

Top 10 2009 Emmy Nomination Disses
  1. Big Bang Theory for Best Comedy - As happy as I was to see different faces like How I Met Your Mother (finally!) and Flight of the Conchords, Big Bang really deserves to be on that list.

  2. January Jones (Mad Men) for Best Lead Actress in a Drama - Come on, the woman is flawless.

  3. Vincent Kartheiser for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama (Mad Men ) - I mentioned this in a previous post, but Pete Campbell is one of the most interesting characters on television, and Kartheiser deserves some kudos.

  4. Emily Deschanel for Best Lead Actress in a Drama (Bones) - Unfortunately, Bones seems stuck in the awardless zone with CSI and the other acronym crime shows. Emily has created an amazing complex, funny, and endearing character with oddball Dr. Brennan. If Mariska can be nominated every year since the beginning of time, then Emily deserves an invite to the party at least once.

  5. Amy Ryan for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy (The Office) - Holly Flax needs a prize!

  6. Michael Urie for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy (Ugly Betty) - Ugly Betty wasn't on its strongest legs this season, but the fact that Michael Urie has yet to get a nomination is tragic. He consistently plays hilarious, evil, sensitive, and silly with brilliance.

  7. Zachary Levi for Best Actor in a Comedy (Chuck) - This is tough because Chuck is not a comedy in the traditional sense - the same problem Ugly Betty actors have. But Zachary Levi completes a triathlon of acting every week and makes it look effortless. Plus, he's so fricken cute.

  8. Big Love Cast for Everything - Big Love got a show nomination this year, which is great, but these actors need some individual nods as well.

  9. Jason Segel for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy (How I Met Your Mother) - I actually don't want to see Marshall nominated until Barney wins. Then, he should at least get a nod for all of the ridiculous things they have him do.

  10. Justin Chambers for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama (Grey's Anatomy) - T.R. Knight is the only Grey's boy with an Emmy nomination, and I think Dr. Karev is often overlooked during awards season. His performance is consistently great, especially with the Izzy story line this year.


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