May 14, 2009

lost finale

As I've said before, I'm in no way qualified to properly analyze Lost, but can we talk about the finale for just a minute? Mainly, what the heck? I have to say I was a little disappointed.

I always thought Jacob would be this mystical force. He's just Rita's drunk husband from Dexter with superior weaving skills. This seems like a bit of a Wizard of Oz man behind the curtain scenario. Sure, he's been living forever and could summon people to the island just by touching them. (did you notice he had to make physical contact with each of them?) Did he intend for all of them to arrive at the same time? Why did he visit them at all different parts of their lives? Maybe he chose them at different times and then they just happened to hitch the same ride to the island? Why did he not visit Hurley until way later? Or had he before and we just didnt' see it? Did he chose all of those Others? What about the Dharma folks? Franky, I'm disappointed Ben just stabbed him in a heart, and that was it. Or is it?

I blame Kate for everything else. Jack is just a lovesick puppy by this point. He's given up hope for a relationship with Kate, so he's throwing in the towel, or the hyrdogen bomb as the case may be. And if it weren't for Kate, Sawyer and Blondie would be living large off of Super Bowl gambling earnings. I was sad about falling Juliet, but not as sad as I thought I would be.

In all the confusion, there were two very key moments for Miles. He saved his father. That was a big moment for that character, although I'm not sure it made much of a difference. Also, when he said, what if Jack isn't preventing the "incident" - what if he's causing it? What if this is all part of history and Jack isn't changing a thing? We'll see.

I'm all over the place as usual, but a few things to mention:
  • Sun and Jin's wedding. Awwwww. If we don't get a reunion next season, Damon Lindelof has a heart of stone.
  • I want to live with Rose and Bernard. How great were they? I loved Rose "Who cares? It's always something with you people." Makes you wonder what if they had all just stayed on the beach and not interfered with the rest of the island? Would they have found piece? Was that Jacob's intention?
  • Kate stole a New Kids on the Block lunch box.
  • What's in that darn guitar case?

Don't even get me started about FauxLocke.


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