March 4, 2009


I just caught up on two weeks of Lost - well last week ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") and this week's ("LaFleur") episodes. Again. I'm left both obsessed and confused. So, I will present my findings accordingly.

Here's what I loved:
  • The notes at the bottom of the screen - do they always do this for the 8pm rerun? I find them quite helpful. It's like pop-up video.
  • Three cheers for the return of Lance Reddick (Matthew)...looks like that's the end of him.
  • Walt! He's huge!
  • Sawyer minus beard.
  • Daniel is still wearing his tie.
  • Jin stepping up to carry the dead guy (also his greatly improved English in the future).
  • Sawyer and Elizabeth lovin it up at the Dharma camp. I never liked them together until this episode. I'm sold.
  • Oops. Sawyer just laid eyes on return Kate. He's a goner.
Here's what made me feel like a total idiot:
  • Why am I starting to feel like I should trust Charles Widmore?
  • Why did Richard know that John had to die, but Ben didn't want him to? Or did he want him to?
  • Ben completely eludes me. Sometimes I really want to like him, like when he talked John off the table. But then he killed him.
  • What the hell is that giant Tutankamun statue?
  • When John fixed the time on the island, when/where did they end up? I think three years go by, but when/where did they start? Are the going to catch up to present day or are the Oceanic 6 coming back in time?
  • We know Horace, right? I can't remember how.
  • How did Sawyer/LaFleur get glasses that matched his prescription?

Favorite Sawyer Nickname: Bonsai (Miles)


Taryn said...

I am glad you noticed Jin's improved english, I made comments about that while watching last night.
My roommate mapped out the years for me. I will scan/email it later.

Taryn said...

Also, Horace built the cabin on the island and brought young Ben and his father to the island.
The statue was in the second season and apparently has 4 toes.

And no I am not a LOST nerd like it may sound, I asked my roommate.

Anonymous said...

I am also at a loss as to my feelings on Ben...sometimes I think he really is doing what is best for everyone, but then he went and killed I am back to square one! Definitely feeling the Sawyer-Juliet thing. Hope it continues past Kate's return, but I also doubt it!! Captivating!

clicker said...

Ok, I remember Horace now. It takes me a while sometimes. I hope we get more backstory about their three years with the Dharma initiative. How/why Horace and Amy got together, who is their baby, where's little Ben, etc.

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