March 6, 2009

just ten things

I'm straying from the regular top ten list to try to redeem myself for the recent tendency to only blog about Idol and Lost. Here are ten items that I have not addressed due to distractions from LeFleur and James and Sawyer.

1. I love How I Met Your Mother. Have I told you that? This season has been really strong, and executive producer Carter Bays is reporting that they WILL address the title of the show before the season ends. This is great news since I heard that Laura Prepon (That 70s Show's Donna) will be appearing soon. I love her, although I'm hearing her character is not so nice.

2. Lauren Graham's upcoming ABC show has a new name - The Bridget Show. The old name was Let It Go. I think I liked that better. Lucy Davis (British Office, Studio 60) has signed on to costar.

3. The Gossip Girl spinoff has two cast members in place: Brittany Snow and Andrew McCarthy, who will play her music executive father. I love anything Andrew McCarthy touches.

4. Next week marks the first spring season new show premiere: Castle on ABC, Monday at 10. The premise is: famous mystery novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) learns that a real-world copycat killer has started staging murder scenes from his novels. Castle steps in to help find the killer, which leads to a new job assisting homicide detectives. I'm not sold, but will check it out.

5. Fox is premiering a new scripted musical comedy pilot called Glee on May 19. The show - about a struggling glee club - won't run until the fall, but they're using the Idol lead-in to generate some buzz. Two recurring characters have signed on: Kristen Chenoweth and Victor Garber. That is all.

6. CBS is reportedly very close to signing a two-year renewal deal for The Big Bang Theory. I can't get enough of this show. It makes me happy.

7. Quest Crew won America's Best Dance Crew last night. Was there really any competition?

8. The top 13 (yes 13!) are in place on Idol (you know I couldn't go an entire post without mentioning it). The round 3 winners were Lil, Jorge, and Scott - all good choices, although I did like Ju'Not. The wild card round last night brought not three, but four contestants back into the competition to move on to the big stage: Megan, Matt, Jasmine, and Anoop (yes!) were chosen. I'm pretty happy with those picks. So the top 13 are: Danny, Alexis, Michael, Adam, Allison, Kris, Jorge, Lil, Scott, Megan, Matt, Jasmine and Anoop.

9. TBS cancelled Frank Caliendo's Frank TV. Thank god we don't have to watch those ads anymore.

10. My first impressions of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon are mixed. I keep reminding myself that Jay, Conan and Dave all looked very different right out of the starting gate than they do now. Aesthetically, the show is really cool. The set is very old-school Johnny Carson with some cool technology thrown in. The Roots are really good. Here's my question about The Roots though - don't they look really young? To be honest, my exposure to The Roots is limited to when they opened for Dave Matthews when I was in high school and then some Napster downloads here and there in college. But I don't think these guys are the same people I saw - they seem so young. Who are actual "Roots"? Are they like Menudo and they just rotate new members in? I need to do some research. Anyway, Jimmy's opening monologues are awkward. Being awkward is kind of his shtick, but he needs to work on timing with the audience, and I think that will come in time. They've had some funny games and digital shorts, but nothing too mind blowing. His rapport with the guests is good so far, but that's mostly because he has a lot of friends lined up for this week. My favorite was Justin Timberlake. Who knew he was so good at impressions?


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