February 22, 2009

things i liked about the oscars

Running list while I was watching this wicked long program...

Hugh Jackman is sexy hot and classy. Also, just such a talented stage pro. Good choice. And I love that he's cracking up during the opening musical montage.

Anne Hathaway. Cool surprise and very well-played.

Love the opening presentation for Best Supporting Actress by five ladies who've won this award in the past. What a line up. And so nice to have each of them describe the nominated roles.

Yay for Penelope Cruz! Vicky Christina Barcelona was so weird and crazy and fun - and Penelope played the kind of character where you forgot it was her. She had a beautiful speech.

The Screenplay presentations by Steve Martin and Tina Fey are pretty cool too. Milk wins for best original. Speech made me tear up. (cry count: 1) Slumdog won for best adapted. I'll admit it, I'm totally on the Slumdog train.

Jenny Anniston presenting! She looks great - hair and dress are fun and so is she. Of course, they cut to Angelina.

A Japanese guy called Kunio Kato won for best animated short film. He doesn't speak English well, but he thanked his pencil, and said "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto." I love him.

Benjamin Button won for Art Direction and Makeup. If this film was going to get any awards, I'm glad it got these two. The art direction and makeup magic was amazing.

I love the thematic montages - Romance, Comedy, Documentary - and the fact that they used all different kinds of movies.

I really like how they're setting up the backgrounds during the presentations to match whatever award is presented.

Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix was pretty funny. Presented Slumdog with Cinematography - definitely worthy, but I think the guy accepting was wearing white Crocs. What?

Seth Rogen is looking sharp.

Is it possible that I'm experiencing Beyonce fatigue? Does she have to be everywhere? Ok, forget it. I do love this musical montage. The kids from High School Musical and Mamma Mia are too cute. The musical is back!

Supporting Actor presentation is doing the same thing with the five previous winners, I really like this. What does Kevin Kline have against his upper lip? I think Alan Arkin just called him Seymour Phillip Hoffman.

Heath Ledger wins and is accepted by his family. (cry count = 2)

I know all the sound tech and editing awards are important, but I'm getting bored. Ok, for some reason, the Sound Mixer awardee for Slumdog really got me. (cry count = 3)

Jerry Lewis is a class act.

Original Song performances were really cool. Pretty amazing that the guy who wrote the score for Slumdog - A.R. Rahman - also performed most of the songs.

The remembrance reel gets me every time. I loved loved that they had Queen Latifah sing during it. I always forget that she has a beautiful voice. Oh Paul Newman. (cry count = 4)

Danny Boyle wins for Best Director. Pretty sure it's the law by now. I loved that he complimented the quality of the show itself. He seems like a genuinely good guy.

Finally Best Actress. They're doing the same thing with the previous winner presenters. Have I mentioned that I love this? Sophia Loren? Shirley MacLaine? I mean, come on.

KATE WINSLET. Yay! I just love her.

Best Actor presenters...I would like to have a dinner party and invite all of you...with no dates.

Richard Jenkins is a hometown boy that I know from local theater in Rhode Island, who's been around for years in a million roles. I love The Visitor, and I'm so glad people are getting to put a name with a face for a guy who is truly a master of his craft.

But Sean Penn won. Of course he gets political, but I do appreciate the message. Although, he did not thank his wife. Poor form.

I really love how they presented the Best Picture nominees...universal themes intertwined with films from the past. Am I gushing at this point?

Slumdog wins. The kids are too much. (cry count = 5)

This was a great show - one of the best I can remember. They did it up style this year.


Anonymous said...

Wow - amazing recap, Clicker! Best I've seen yet (and totally agree with you on everything, except I will never have Beyonce fatigue and my cry count was at about 47 by midnight!). Fantastic show, Academy!

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