February 25, 2009

top 36: round two

Tonight was the second group of 12 from the top 36. This week was a rough...not many standouts.

Ryan is looking extra casual. Seems a little too casual...like he arrived late and didn't have time to visit wardrobe, so he went on with whatever he was wearing.

Jasmine - She's young, but seemed mature and professional during Hollywood week. She's singing "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles - big shoes to fill. Seems like a bad song choice for her. Or she's just trying too hard. I was expecting her to be one of the best, but not really seeing it. Looking sexily at the camera is just awkward. She's definitely sweet and "commercial" as Randy said, so maybe that will earn her some votes.

Matt - A dueling piano player by trade. He was really good during Hollywood week when he was behind the piano. He sings "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay. I actually kind of like it, but I'm not sure if that's because I like the song. He seems a little out of breath, but so does Chris Martin. Ok, really out of breath. I'm slightly worried about him. Judges didn't like it - mostly criticized song choice, but Simon called it horrible. It seems like the judges still really like him and are pushing for him by reiterating his piano performance during Hollywood week.
Jeanine (from DC!) - I don't really remember her from tryouts, which is surprising because she's really outgoing and bubbly. She sang "This Love" by Maroon Five. I'm not loving it. She's wearing these god awful daisy duke jean shorts and a tuxedo jacket with black sequents on it. I can't get past the outfit. It's so bad. So bad. I think she's singing, but I can't see past the jean shorts.

Norman Gentle - I cannot believe this guy made it to the top 36. Don't get me wrong, I love the act, but I'm so surprised Simon let this one come through. It proves that Idol is trying to work the ratings, and how much the producers determine who goes through to voting rounds. He's definitely entertaining. He sings "I'm Telling You I'm not Going" from Dreamgirls. It's ridiculous, but I have to say it's refreshing. Favorite moment - he called out "Doogie" when he saw Neil Patrick Harris (can I say how much I love that he keeps turning up?)

Allison: Here's another one who I don't remember at all from tryouts, although she is definitely out there and confident. She's 16 and singing "Alone" by Heart. She's actually rockin it. Her vocals are really good. I like this little punk. She reminds me of a funkier version of Kelly Clarkson. Judges all agree that she's the best so far. She needs to work on the speaking parts though.

Kris: I don't remember this guy either. Where have I been? I love "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson - it's a quintessential childhood song for me. He's doing pretty well. He's fun and cute. He seems a little bland, so this song was a good choice to liven things up. I expect he'll get some votes. Simon, Randy and Paula like him, but Cara was on the fence.

Megan: She was one of my favorite auditions. Singing "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae. I want her to be good -I love her full arm tattoo for some reason. She's refreshing and seems comfortable on stage - not trying too hard. Singing is a little shouty though...not sure the judges will like it. Seems like the judges are pulling for her in the same way they were for Matt.

Matt the Welder: There are two Matts and I forgot to note last names, so this is Matt the Welder. Because he's a welder, and the producers like to tell us this. He's a regular blue collar guy. He picked "If You Could Only See" by Tonic. I don't like this song at all. He's doing fairly well, and I do have a soft spot for husky boys who can sing, but I see him as more of a fun bar singer. Judges were not enthused.

Jesse: She's a single mom from Minnesota. She looked straight out of a greasy diner at the first audition, but she just warmed me up with her pre-performance tape. She seems cool and normal. She picked "Betty Davis" by Kim Carnes, and it's perfect for her voice. I really like this one. Ok, apparently the judges didn't really agree. Paula is a fan, but Simon called her "too cool for school." He has a point. She's talking back to the judges way too much. Don't do that.

Kai: We saw a lot of him during auditions. He's the one who's taking care of his sick mother full time. Ok, producers. You win. I like this guy. He picked "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" by Jimmy Ruffin. Little afraid that Simon's gonna call him a cruise boat singer. Ahh he said hotel singer - I was close. Others said old-fashioned and forgettable.

Mishavonna: She's singing "Drops of Jupiter" by Train. I don't love this song at all, but I actually like her version better. She's super cute. You can tell she's had mic training and looks like she's having fun. Simon called her cold and old. Not promising.

Adam: Producers definitely saved the "favorite" for last just like last week with Danny. He's singing Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" - finally someone takes a risk. He theater trained - was in Wicked a think, and it's pretty obvious. He comes across as way more comfortable on stage than the others - perhaps a little cocky. He's not really my style. He's lucky he's on a night with a weak bunch of boys. Paula loves to love him. Simon is on the fence. "Da bomb" escaped Randy's lips.

My Girl Picks:
1) Allison 2) Megan/Jesse

My Boy Picks:
1) Adam 2) Kris

Wild Card:
Norman Gentle (because why not?)

Paula Notes: Her eyes appeared half closed for the entire eveing.


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