November 14, 2008

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Sometimes I wish the guy from The Wonder Years narrated my life. I think it would be comforting. Back then, Wonder Years was one of the only narrated shows. The format worked perfectly for that show and added a depth that you just didn't see in other shows at that time. More recently, Sex & the City started a trend (among many) for a resurgence of narrated shows. There are roughly two types: the storytelling (How I Met Your Mother) or thematic (Grey's Anatomy) narration. And sometimes the narration is done by a character within the show (Scrubs) and sometimes it's just a straight narrator (Arrested Development). Whatever the style, it needs to flow and blend into the show or it can be disastrous. Here's a list of those that have done it well.

Top 10 Narrated Shows
  1. The Wonder Years

  2. Arrested Development

  3. Sex & the City

  4. Desperate Housewives

  5. Pushing Daisies

  6. Dexter

  7. Scrubs

  8. How I Met Your Mother

  9. My Name Is Earl

  10. Grey's Anatomy

Honorable mention goes to Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars, which are/were both narrated by the fabulous Kristen Bell.


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