June 7, 2010

nerding out for chuck

I just finished re-watching the third season finale of Chuck. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you should be watching this show.

Chuck has something for everyone:
  • Action: crazy kung fu fights, gun play, jumping off and out of buildings, explosions, car chases, and of course amazing hot girl fights
  • Music: a truly unique rock cover band called Jeffster
  • Comedy: from the nerds at Buy More to Colonel Casey to Chuck himself, I laugh out loud every week
  • Love: even if you're not a Chuck/Sarah shipper, Chuck's sister Ellie and her husband Awesome are enough to make you swoon (by the way, I'm so glad they gave Awesome and Ellie more to do this season).
Most importantly, I'm so so impressed with how this show manages to keep things fresh every season with a new surprise and twist at almost every corner. Even this year when I thought things would end neatly given an uncertain future of the show (they were somewhat unexpectedly given an episode extension), we're left with a really intriguing and mysterious set up for next season. It's always unexpected, always entertaining, and always fun. Something you really can't say about many shows these days.

Thankfully, NBC ordered 13 episodes for fourth season of Chuck next year with a good chance for an additional nine episode order (fingers crossed). So, hit Netflix or Hulu this summer and watch the first three seasons. It would be such a fun summer DVD show. I promise you won't regret it.


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