June 8, 2010

a gleeful sendoff

If you're using a magnifying glass, there's a lot of beef to be had with Glee. Mostly, continuity issues like Emma disappearing for multiple episodes and Quinn's pregnant belly missing for most of the season until she gives birth to a toddler who was one month premature.

However, I'm choosing to ignore all of that and just love Glee for Glee. The season finale was so fun for many reasons, including:
  • Journey. I mean, come on. What better way to end the season than with a giant cheeseball tribute to a cheeseball band? Don't Stop started it all. I cried.

  • Kurt's sailor hat.

  • Finn blurting out "I love you!" to Rachel before their performance. Such a teenage boy.

  • The girls' competition costumes. And Artie's competition hair. So dapper.

  • In the judges' room, when Sue realizes she cares about those kids.

  • Sue likening Will's hair to a briarpatch with racist Disney characters singing about the bayou.

  • Emma screaming at Figgins for cutting glee (although I thought Will's subsequent love profession was a little out-of-left-field)

  • Sue wanting hand sanitizer after shaking Will's hand so she doesn't "catch poor"

  • Everything about Jonathan Groff. Damn, that boy can perform.
What do we think about Ausiello's scoop about John Stamos being cast as Emma's dentist boyfriend? Weird, but I kind of love it.


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