April 29, 2010

a peek at lowe on parks & rec

Thanks Ausiello for this first glimpse of Rob Lowe on Parks & Recreation. I'm super excited for him to join the show. I've been loving this season, but I do think they could use some fresh blood. The effort to fit Ann and Mark into each episode is starting to seem awkward (Paul Schneider is leaving the show, so I assume a breakup is looming). Hopefully, Lowe and fellow newcomer Adam Scott will only enhance a show that has secured a spot among my favorite comedies.

For a little scoop from Ausiello: But Lowe’s character, Chris Traeger, will be brought in to fix Pawnee's budgest crisis. He will win everyone over with his “very optimistic, positive, forward-thinking” attitude, according to EP Michael Schur. Sounds a lot like our friend Miss Knope.


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