April 30, 2010

how did i not know about this?

...or did I know about this and think it was a dream? Allison Janney has a secret role in the May 11th episode of Lost called "Across the Sea". Two of my favorite things coming together. A mild explosion just occurred in my brain.

Thanks to Will Keck at TV Guide Magazine for the juicy tease story about Allison's role in one of the last episodes of the series. Read it!

Not too spoilerly highlights from the article...

No one's officially saying what role she'll be playing in the episode.

This episode should provide a lot of answers about Jacob, Man in Black, and their histories.

The writers practically (and geniusly) wrote this part for her not expecting her to do it.

She went out of her way to make her schedule work. Seriously, how awesome is Ms. Janney?!


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