February 8, 2010

some fun casting news

A few fun casting announcements that I've noticed recently...

Ausiello Files is reporting that Sheryl Crow will join the cast of Cougar Town in a major recurring role playing Grayson's new girlfriend. I've never seen Sheryl act, but I sort of love this. Hoping she has some chops. Grayson's character is becoming one of my favorites on this surprisingly fun and entertaining show.

Ausiello also spilled the news that Henry Winkler has been cast as Hank and Evan's estranged dad on Royal Pains, set to return this summer. This was a fun little show for me last summer, and I'm glad it's coming back. Also glad they cast someone with comedy skills because the humor between Hank and Evan's characters is what keeps this show from becoming too hero-sweet. Winkler is signed on for a recurring role, but not sure how many episodes. Ready for summer yet?

One more from Ausiello, who seems to be my Scoop Master today, Christopher Lloyd has been cast in a guest spot on Chuck. I can absolutely see him fitting in with this quirky cast. Lloyd will play Chuck's therapist in the 16th episode. I love it already. Anyone see last night's episode?? Steamy! The fans seem to be up-in-arms about Chuck and Sarah finding new crushes, but I don't mind. Gotta mix things up a little.

Last, but certainly not least...this one's been out for a while. West Wing darling Allison Janey has been cast in Matthew Perry's new comedy pilot Mr. Sunshine. Perry plays the manager of an aging San Diego stadium facing a mid-life crisis, and Janney will play his boss, who runs the stadium. I love the idea of these two in a comedy together. Mr. Sunshine is based on an idea by Perry, who wrote the script with Alex Barnow and Marc Firek. Let's hope we don't lose this one to the pilot graveyard in the sky.


Rob said...

William Shatner in the pilot for "S*** my Dad Says." Inspired casting.

savedbythetube said...

I've been meaning to post about that! Will include it in my next rundown. Very inspired indeed. I like it, but also hoped for a "nobody" who would just let the writing speak of itself. Assuming the writing turns out to be good of course.

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