February 9, 2010

lost: what kate does

After only just recovering from last week, we have another episode of Lost to grapple with...

The Island
  • Sayid came back to life only to be electrocuted by the scary Asian man (who I think we learn is named Togan?). Sayid doesn't understand why he's being tortured when he doesn't have any secrets. Well Sayid, not all torture is about secrets. And apparently, he failed the test.
  • Grieving Sawyer left the temple people and his friends. Why did the temple hippie call him "Ford"? How does he know his real last name?
  • We're obviously seeing parallels in Kate's story - she's escaping and running in both "universes."
  • I'm glad Togan got Jack to admit that people were injured and killed helping him - although it's clear her lives with that burden every day. Maybe now he will show some grief over Juliet's death. I thought it was very strange that we didn't see that from his last week, given how close they were before he left the island.
  • At the same time, Sayid's unwavering trust in Jack is pretty incredible considering it's Sayid.
  • Jin challenges Kate "Once you catch up with Sawyer, then what?" and Kate responds "I guess we'll figure that out together." From the beginning, this has been Kate's struggle, stay and work out the situation with Jack or run and be free to handle things on her own with Sawyer.
  • Kate going back to Dharmaville gives us a little insight into the time period. Looks like they definitely are back to present day. Seeing Sawyer in that moment of grief was definitely a wake up call - this is not the same guy who jumped off the helicopter for her.
  • Pretty heartbreaking to watch Sawyer's grief and regret for asking Juliet to stay on the island, so he wasn't alone. He's never thought he deserved to be happy. Did we know he was planning to propose?
  • Togan turns out to be a real sweetheart. After a semi-friendly conversation with Jack, he knees him in the balls and tell him Sayid's pill is poison. Did I miss when Jack swallowed it?
  • We learn that Sayid's body has been "claimed" meaning he will soon be overtaken. How do they know? Because it happened to Jack's sister! Claire!
  • Meanwhile, poor Jin got beat up when trying to make it back to the temple like a good boy. And who saves him? Claire! But we don't yet know who "claimed" her. She definitely has a Rousseau looks about her, but that's unlikely. Christian? That would be messed up. Eloise Hawking?
Los Angeles Re-do
  • Kate being so mean to Claire was hard to watch after everything they did for each other on the island, but Kate made up for it. Interesting that she's looking for Claire in new Los Angeles, just like she's trying to do on the island.
  • Should I recognize the house where the almost-adoptive mother lives? I feel like I should.
  • Pretty amazing that Kate ends up helping Claire have her baby, just as she did on the island. It will be interesting to see if they keep going with these parallels during major moments in their lives.
  • Ethan! Notice they call him Dr. Goodspeed? Does that mean Horace was he daddy in the off-island world as well? I guess we don't really know how/if the Dharma Initiative took place in the new reality.
  • Looks like that may be it for Kate and Claire's relationship in new Los Angeles, but I think Kate accomplished her goal - she made sure Aaron is with his mother.
Memorable quotes:

Kate: Let me go, I will bring him back. And I can make him stay.
Translation: Sawyer loves freckles.
Jack: Kate, you sure you want to go out there alone with this people?
Translation: Don't let Sawyer touch those freckles.

Hurley: You're not a zombie, right?
Sayid: No, I'm not a zombie.

Hurley: Yea, see private talks kinda freak me out because they usually lead to me having to do something I don't understand.
Miles: We'll be in the food court if you need us.

Kate: I'm sorry, I never should have followed you.
Sawyer: Which time?

I think Kate played Jack, right? She made it seem like she was going to "take care" of Sawyer and bring him back to the group, while Jack should stay and take care of Sayid. They had a little moment, but she was really going to escape to go find Claire. She totally played him.


Andrea said...

Ethan showing up at the hospital really blew my mind for some reason. Horace only hooked up with Ethan's mom - I cannot remember her name - because her first husband was killed on the island. So Ethan only exists in the new LA, if they somehow ended up hooking up in the new reality, too, right??

And are they trying to make new LA Ethan nice?? I don't buy it. I don't care whether we're talking about the island or the new LA, I want creepy Ethan to stay far away from baby Aaron!

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