December 11, 2009

friday's bad and good

Bad news:

We'd rumors about this for months, but it looks like Flight of the Conchords is officially ending after two successful seasons on HBO. I was a fan of this show from the start - and even got to see them live, which was awesome. But I'll admit that I'm not devastated about the show's ending. The finale of season two seemed like a natural conclusion, and while I will miss it, the duo has not broken up, so I'm sure we'll still see them around. I'm glad they successfully put something really offbeat on television and got some good exposure. Going out on a strong note too - after two Emmy nominations last season.

Murray, I'll miss you most of all.

Good news:

According to Ausiello Files, Scott Patterson will be joining 90210 to play Liam's dad. Patterson, of course always known as Luke from Gilmore Girls, will appear in at least two episodes. Guess that means I need to get cracking on the 9 episodes of 90210 lingering on my DVR. I always guiltily enjoy the show when I get into it, but can't say it's a priority. I did watch the first few episodes of this season, and you could definitely sense they had upped their game in the drama department. Here's hoping Patterson has a good role to play around with.


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