October 3, 2009

my lucky has returned

Like most teens, I went through a soap opera phase. My drink of choice was General Hospital with a small splash of Days of Our Lives. My GH days started around when Jagger and Karen were hot and heavy, Dominque died leaving poor Scottie alone, Jason was the original pre-brain damage version, and Brenda Barrett ruled Sonny's heart. Anyone with me?

Most importantly, these were the days when Luke and Laura returned (the first time) with young son Lucky. I loved Lucky (played by cutiepatootie Jonathan Jackson). So it was not a coincidence that my viewing dwindled when Lucky was thought dead after a church fire only to return as a different actor. For shame! I didn't recover. My soap days were through. Plus, I got a license, and suddenly driving around with my friends was more appealing than going straight home after school. Why watch fake drama when you can create your own?

All this is to say, when I read the news that Jonathan Jackson has been re-recast as Lucky after 10 YEARS (I'm old), I contemplated making room in my DVR for a daily dose of GH once more. I may be wrong, but I think there have been two Luckys since Jonathan, and probably multiple near death experiences, wives, girlfriends, illegitimate children, mafia hits, evil twins, and organ donations. But with one or two episodes, I could be all caught up and back to eating Pringles and Poptarts with Lucky every day from now to eternity (or the next recast, which ever comes first).

The bizarre news that James Franco (yes, that James Franco) will be doing a stint on GH this fall is also quite intriguing. Apparently, he wants to cover all the career bases. He approached the producers personally, and they have a juicy storyline planned for him.

Is this enough to get me back on the soap train? Probably not. I have nothing but respect for this genre and the actors who have made it their home, but I just don't think I have the emotional energy (or the patience) for it these days. However, the minute I'm unceremoniously fired from the day job? Lucky, it's you and me kid.


merideth said...

lord have mercy. i was a GH WATCHER TOO! and a fan of Lucky. i will gladly help you watch these should you change your mind and decide to dvr them. no one should watch alone.

also, excellent writing. you should have a blog or something?

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