October 4, 2009

mad men: souvenir

Just a few thoughts on this week's episode of Mad Men, called "Souvenir". Why did I not write about the great John Deer massacre of 1963? Some things are just better left on the screen. This week was a little different, a lot of Drapers and Campbells but not much agency or Peggy.

A few good moments:
  • Betty's Cadillac kiss. At first, I verbally scolded Mrs. Draper. But upon further reflection, I saw that she was acting out of boredom and frustration. Sadly, a trip to Rome only deepened these feelings. I'm hoping we've seen the end of that guy though. Another smooth talking charmer isn't going to give Betty what she needs.

  • Betty and Don playing strangers in Rome. How cute was that? (But that hair? Highly unfortunate.)

  • Connie Hilton. He is charmingly quirky.

As always, a few disturbing moments:

  • Pete taking advantage of the poor nanny next door. Pete, Pete. No. But it's amazing how he can do such a slimy thing, but we're left with more pity for him than anything else. How bizarre was that scene with the father coming over to warn him off the nanny? Pete, you are not one of those guys. You never will be.

  • Poor Trudy reading what happened all over Pete's face. She just took it. And then made a fruit salad for dessert. These women are hard to watch sometimes.

  • Joanie the shopgirl? Oh no.

Not a ton of plot movement overall following the action-packed previous two episodes, but we did get a giant dose of the Draper psyche. I think Don honestly has guilt that Betty feels trapped and unfulfilled in her life. What's ironic is, he's paralyzed to help her. They've created the life that both thought they wanted, but they're left practically strangers in that life.

Next week, we can expect to see more of Sal in the office. And Betty plans a fundraiser. Why do I have a feeling these means more Cadillac guy?


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