September 23, 2009

ring on it on three!

How is it already Wednesday? This has been a big week for television . Starting with the Emmys on Sunday, the bulk of the fall premieres are happening this week. Here's what's happened so far:

  • Dancing with the Stars premiered. I don't care to watch, but I'm hearing Kelly Osbourne is the surprise of the season. Macy Gray and Ashley Hamilton were the first to get the boot.
  • Castle premiered on ABC. Back after a short midseason run last spring, I remembered why I love this show. Nathan Fillion is just so fun to watch. With right writing, this character could rival House in its quirkiness and unlikely charm (though the two are vastly different). Give this show a chance if you have extra time on Mondays.
  • Speaking of House, the two-hour season premiere was unbelievable. Really, it was a movie. And Hugh Laurie deserves and Oscar. The decision to place House/Laurie in an environment so far from the hospital and give him the opportunity to play off of such strong characters was brilliant. Amazing performances by Andre Braugher as Dr. Nolan, who managed to be an incredible match for House, and Franka Potente a lady who made me forget every ounce of Huddy. This show is completely revived for me.
  • How I Met Your Mother is back to play for another season. As much as I love this show, my annoyance with Ted is growing. Does anyone else feel that way? He seems to act more stupid every episode. Less whiny and awkward please. Thanks to Lily, the heart of that crew, for lock Robin and Barney in a room together forcing them to have "the talk". Personally, I'm all about the fake relationship.
  • The Big Bang Theory is back and all seems right with the world. The boys returning after three months in the North Pole with ridiculous beards (and Sheldon with his well-trimmed goatee) was all I needed to remind me how much I need this show in my life. Oh, and I'm glad they threw Penny and Leonard in the sack. Get it over with. There are just too many will-they-won't-they couples on TV these days.


  • The Forgotten, The Good Wife, and NCIS: Los Angeles all made their debuts. I'll be posting new show reviews for the first two this weekend. Check out other posts by clicking the "new show reviews" label below.
  • 90210 and Melrose Place returned for their third episodes. Ratings on the reworked 90210 have actually improved, but Melrose numbers are not too strong. That may change with the recent news that Heather Locklear is coming back as Amanda! Supposedly, she'll be playing Ella's boss at the talent agency.


  • Mercy, Modern Family, Cougar Town, and Eastwick all came into the world tonight. Look for those reviews coming soon as well. Anyone want to share their initial thoughts? Post a comment!
  • Law & Order: SVU also premiered for the season, but I had to bump it from my DVR. Sorry Liv. I'll catch the rerun on Saturday.
  • So You Think You Can Dance continued audition rounds in Boston and Atlanta. I fell in love with an awkward little guy in golf pants and confirmed my dislike for Tyce DiOrio. Mean is only funny when it's not obviously planned and rehearsed.
  • Glee. I'm not sure I can say anything that hasn't already been said. They outdid themselves with this week's episode "Preggers". Chris Colfer has my heart. Here's a clip. I encourage you not to watch the clip until you've seen the episode. It's so much better as a surprise.

Ring on it on three!

And we still have two nights to go. I'm slowly seeing my social life slip through my fingers - assuming I actually had one in the first place. Here's what's coming up:


  • The second week of The Office, Community, and Parks & Recreation. I posted a review of Community - hoping the second episode will renew my interest. The Office premiere may be the best season opener ever for this show. A great use of the entire cast and back to officentric humor, which is the bread and butter of the show.
  • Two-hour premiere of Grey's Anatomy and FlashForward's opening night. Due to DVR restrictions, I'll be watching Grey's online this weekend. Call me crazy, but I'm not all that psyched about starting the season with a funeral. Really excited to see if FlashForward fulfills the hype. Look for a review this weekend (it's quickly becoming obvious that I won't be leaving my apartment).
  • The Mentalist is coming back for a second season. I'm really glad to have added this to my schedule.
  • Bones, Fringe, and Vampire Diaries are continuing their strong seasons so far. The Bones season premiere was amazing. I just watched it again this morning. Fringe has set up an awesome second season, and I'm getting more into Vampire Diaries every week.


  • Look for Law & Order, the original, to appear on NBC. I won't be watching it live, but it will be a trusty Saturday morning hangover and/or laundry show.
  • Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Numbers, Dollhouse, and Smallville all pack a punch starting on Friday if that's your thing. Friday is really becoming a strong night. Or at least the networks are trying to make it so.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Eastwick? I was convinced that the town square in the opening sequence was from the Gilmore Girls set!

clicker said...

It is! That is full on Stars Hollow. They're reusing the same Warner Bros. lot. I think it would be hilarious if they just had Kurt randomly wandering around.

clicker said...

I mean KIRK. I embarrass myself.

Karamel with a K said...

HUGH LAURIE is AMAZINGLY TALENTED, but he can not get an Oscar for HOUSE. They are for movies.
He CAN however, get an EMMY, which he should have gotten already.

clicker said...

Right, he definitely needs an Emmy! I meant that the pilot was good enough to be a movie, and in that case, why not an Oscar for the man? :)

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