September 21, 2009

mad men: bloody massacre

I could probably write about Mad Men all day long. But I would make zero to no sense. Some episodes, though, are impossible to ignore. This week was one of those. "A Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency" (or as I now will refer to it "Bloody Massacre") was a doozie.

At the agency
Big news at Sterling Cooper is an impending visit from bossman Powell from the agency's new parent company in London. We've seen the regime change at Sterling Cooper starting to bubble up and agitate everyone from Don to Joan.

Cooper believes they have big things in store for Don - perhaps a promotion to run creative in both the London and NYC offices. He also insists that Sterling and Don make nice before the bossman arrives. I agree! I miss those two boys chatting over martinis. Cooper arranges a side-by-side barber appointment for the two. I love it. Draper gets a straight shave and some type of 1960s machine-powered shoulder massage. Sterling gets a manicure. The boys don't quite make nice, but agree to disagree about Sterling's life and business choices. Don seems genuinely disappointed in Sterling for letting go of the agency for $$ (not to mention letting of his marriage for booty).

Bossman arrives and has brought along a young whipper snapper from the London office called Guy McHendrick - smooth, charming, and nearly as handsome as Don Draper. As they walk around the office, Paul is sitting on his desk playing acoustic guitar. The guy really wants to be a rebel.

Guy announces that he will be the new bossman at Sterling Cooper. Price will be transferring to the Bombay office. Everyone else will basically stay the same - no promotion for Don and Sterling has been "accidentally" left off the organizational chart. Sterling blames this unappreciation as his ability to make his job look to easy. Cooper aptly reminds him "we took their money, we have to do what they say." Could Sterling be having regrets?

Joanie's last days
Hold the phone. No one told me about this (and apparently no one told Peggy either). Tomorrow is Joan's LAST DAY? No. I won't accept it.

That night, Greg comes home drunk in the middle of the night after missing Joan's celebratory dinner for his residency placement. Turns out, he didn't get the chief resident spot. His boss gave him what I imagine is horrible feedback for a surgeon: "You don't have brains in your fingers." Let's hope he doesn't take his feelings of powerlessness out on Joan again. Greg tells her she needs to keep working for another year while he finishes his residency and figures out what to do, but she has already quit. I will not pity this lady, she's too good for it.

On the home front
The episode starts off with an uncharacteristically casual Don reassuring sad Sally not to be afraid of the dark. Girl is spooked. Betty of course, is caring and understanding and believes Sally is just jealous of the baby.

Betty tries to smooth things over by presenting Sally with a gift from baby Gene. Apparently, she doesn't realize that Sally is too old for this trick. She opens the present anyway to find a new Barbie doll. (sidenote: 1960s Barbie was frightening). I guess Sally agrees because Don later finds her discarded in the bushes outside.

After Sally wakes up screaming, she finally admits to Don that she's afraid the baby is Grandpa Gene's ghost since he has the same name and the same room. Poor thing hasn't gotten over his death. Don makes a final plea to change the baby's name, but ice princess Betty isn't having it. Thankfully, Don is breaking the cycle of bad dads and helps Sally see that the baby is just her baby brother. Such a sweet moment!

The Bloody Massacre
HOLY GOD. Ditsy secretary totally drunk drove the lawn mover (conveniently in the office from new client John Deere) and sawed off Guy's foot! Blood spraying everywhere! Joan to the rescue. There's truly nothing this woman can't do.

Meanwhile, Don missed the whole thing after answering a call to meet Conrad Hilton (better known as Paris' grandad) at the Waldorf Astoria. Whaddya know, it's the guy from the bar at the country club. I knew we would see him again! Turns out, Mr. Hilton tracked Don down and wants him to take a look at some ad mock-ups. Don could have a major account in the bag.

Answering an emergency call from Joan, Don shows up at the hospital for what turns out to be an oddly funny scene. The London guys see no future for poor Guy now that he has a missing foot. Price will remain in NYC, and nothing will change afterall. Except they lose poor Joanie, but not before a sweet moment with Don. Those two always understood each other. Don appreciates someone who does their job well, and Joanie understands a lost soul and respects talent.

Come back Joanie! Joanie for partner! Sterling Cooper and Harris.

Mother of the Year moment of the week:
Betty: What are you doing?
Bobby: I'm bored.
Betty: Go bang your head against the wall.
Bobby: Mom!
Betty: Only boring people are bored.

Favorite quotes:
"This is your little brother. We don't know he is yet. We don't know who he's going to be. And that's a wonderful thing." (Don)

"Mrs. Harris, we wish you caviar and children and all that is good in your new life." (Guy)

"We had the world handed to us on a plate. Then you swing in on a chandelier, drop your pants, and crap on it." (Harry)

"The man is missing a foot. How is he going to work? He can't walk. The doctor said he'll never golf again." (Ford and Powell)


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