August 30, 2009

mad men: my old kentucky home

A few random thoughts on this week's Mad Men episode. Overall, I liked it, but I did throw out a few WTFs along the way.

  • I know it's a stylistic thing, but is anyone else left a little cold by the abrupt transitions to commercial? I was feeling a little abandoned after solo scenes like Betty's flirtation with charming man by the rest room.

  • I literally had to cover my eyes while Pete and Trudy were dancing.

  • Sally is a budding sociopath, but frankly she can't be blamed since Betty is so darn mean to her.

  • Peggy and her assistant are a great pair. Good to know someone is watching out for her, even when she's smoking doobies.

  • Black face? It's still hard to believe people actually did that.

  • That scene with Joan playing the squeeze box was just so.... sad. He does not deserve Joanie.

  • Sterling's wife is a silly girl playing dress up, but I still feel sad for her too.

  • Don's intolerance of Sterling's "happiness" is fascinating. Like Don, Sterling made a huge change in his life, but didn't apologize for it or hide a damn thing. For such a flawed man, he does not tolerate selfishness or irresponsibility.

  • That Don/Betty makeout scene. Those Drapers.


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