September 7, 2009

2009 fall schedule: thursdays

If Wednesdays are a DVR connundrum, then Thursdays are a DVR nightmare. I really need to get a second one of these things. Would that be ridiculous in a one-room apartment? Don't judge. During the 8:00 hour, I have four shows I want to see. During the 9:00 hour, I have three. Most likely, I'll end up watching the comedies on hulu because they're easier to watch online. Although, it seems against my religion to not record The Office.


SNL: Weekend Update Thursday: These specials did really well last year, but that was mainly due to the elections and Tina Fey. I'm a little surprised they're going for it again, although NBC is really pushing the "all about comedy" party line lately. Latest SNL casting news - Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson were let go after just one season as series regulars and replaced by two brand new female cast members. This will run for 4 weeks, after which Community will move to the 8pm timeslot. (premieres Sept. 17)

Parks & Recreation: I ended last season wanting a lot more from Parks & Recreation. I like all the ingredients - Amy Poehler, the supporting cast, the camera style. But it didn't quite click for me. I'm hoping they can iron out the kinks this season and branch out from the repetitive Leslie-is-an-idiot storyline. (premieres Sept. 17)

The Office: My long-time love for The Office leaves me deaf to any criticism saying show has run its course. I still find it hilarious, and I still love the characters. I know it can't go on forever, but I'm ready and waiting for season 6. If I could make one request, it would be for fewer love stories and more office humor this season. (premieres Sept. 17)

Community: Although every network preview is touting the same line, this probably is one the most anticipated shows of the season. That's mostly because of the cast - particularly Chevy Chase and Joel McHale, who's so popular from The Soup. The previews I've seen have me laughing out loud. I just hope the show delivers quality comedy and doesn't try to hit you over the head with ridiculous, unbelievable stuff. Community will move from 9:30pm to 8pm after the SNL run. (premieres Sept. 17)

30 Rock: The NBC powerhouse comedy will have a late start this fall, but it's not as if anyone will forget about it. 30 Rock continues to kill at award shows and amidst popular conversation, but doesn't necessary rock the ratings. Don't worry, it's not going anywhere. Admittedly, I'm still not into it, which I know is blasphemous for a TV blogger. I think it's funny and everything, it's just not appointment TV for me. (premieres Oct. 15)

The Jay Leno Show: Every Monday through Friday starting September 14th.


FlashForward: One of the new dramas I'm most looking forward to this season, so I really hope it doesn't suck. The premise is just so interesting to me - basically the whole world blacks out for a few minutes and gets a glimpse of their future. The plot unfolds as the characters try to prevent or ensure whatever they saw. The cast includes some all stars led by Joseph Fiennes, but I'm particularly excited about not just Penny (Sonya Walger), but also Charlie (Dominic Monahan) from Lost. (premieres Sept. 24)

Grey's Anatomy: Ugh. I don't know if I have the willpower to write about this. When it comes down to it, Grey's Anatomy has become a victim of its own success. I would enjoy it a lot better if it was possible to avoid the behind-the-scenes drama that inevitably affects the screen. But I'll still watch this season. Damn this show. (premieres Sept. 24)

Private Practice: I've been a fairly silent supporter of Private Practice - partly out of shame because everyone hates on it. I just loved Addison Forbes Montgomery Shepherd Montgomery on Grey's, and I really wanted to love her show. Maybe that's why I gave it some extra leeway first two seasons. Overall, the patient stories are really strong, the characters have great potential, but their stories are often weak. There's too much emphasis on Addison's love life and who's sleep with whom - these actors can do much better than that. Toward the end of last season, we started to get there...ending with Meagan from Felicity trying to cut Violet's baby out of her belly! (premieres Oct. 1)


Survivor: Samoa: The godfather of reality competition programming is still going strong. I don't watch it, but there's something comforting about knowing it's there. (premieres Sept. 17)

CSI: So many letters, still not watching. (premieres Sept. 24)

The Mentalist: Sort of accidentally, The Mentalist became my summer repeat discovery. I had heard many good things about the show, but really no desire to watch since I already have so many detective dramas on my schedule. But I started to DVR the reruns and really enjoyed them. Simon Baker is so fun to watch as Patrick Jane. My only complaint is that I wish some of the mysteries were a little less obvious, so we could appreciate his talents all the more. (premieres Sept. 24)


Bones: FOX made a good decision to pair Bones and Fringe, but I'm not sure Thursday nights were the best idea. Bones can definitely hold its own at 8:00. The show's loyal following proved itself while Bones played hopscotch all over the schedule last season. I personally can't wait to see how Booth's memory troubles play out in the beginning of this season. (premieres Sept. 17)

Fringe: On the other hand, Fringe will be up against The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and CSI in the 9:00 slot. I'm not sure this show gained enough momentum last season to stand up against these three powerhouses. That said, I loved how the last season ended, opening up a whole new element of the plot with a parallel universe. I'm really excited to see how they move forward. (premieres Sept. 17)


Vampire Diaries: Are we done with vampires yet? Not until the CW throws a hat into the ring. Vampire Diaries is based on a series of young adult novels by L.J. Smith, which centers around Elena Gilbert, a high school girl torn between two vampire brothers - one good and one evil. The cast includes Nina Dobrev (Degrassi), Paul Wesley (Tommy on Everwood), and Ian Somerhalder (Boone from Lost). Early reviews have rated this at both ends of the spectrum, so I'll probably check it out online. (premieres Sept. 10)

Supernatural: Some day, I'll lock myself in a room with these DVDs and not come out until I'm done. Until then, happy to see it coming back for another season. (premieres Sept. 10)


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: I always forget about this show, but it's already going into the 5th season. Fans of the show are in love with it, but I still haven't caught up. That may have to wait until next summer. (premieres Sept. 17)


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