August 20, 2009

kristen johnson on ugly betty!

I love this news from Michael Ausiello. Kristen Johnson (you probably know her from 3rd Rock from the Sun or as the chick who fell out of a window on Sex & the City) scored a recurring role on Ugly Betty this season as an office temp at Mode. You may remember that Paula Abdul was in negotiations for this part. I'm so glad Kristen got it. She's hilarious and completely under appreciated as a she-comic.

Quote from The Ausiello Files:

“I’ve always considered myself a poor man’s Paula Abdul,” Johnston says with a laugh. She describes her Betty character as “Amanda in 10 years. She’s still trying to get into the right clubs, wearing tight dresses… tragic. I think [Helen] sees herself as Samantha from Sex and the City. Except, of course, she’s a temp.”

I love it!


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