May 6, 2009

idol top 4

Coming in late again this week just before the elimination show. It's rock week - no doubt Allison and Adam have been waiting for this one. Oddly enough, Slash is the mentor. God, I used to love him. But I don't know if I've actually ever heard him speak. Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen his face.

He's changing it up and mentoring on stage at a club. You know Slash wasn't going to stand next to the piano. Tonight, there will be 6 performances - 4 regular solos plus 2 duets. I'm not sure how the duets will play into voting, if at all.

Adam: Singing "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin. Perhaps the first time Adam has gone first. I like that he chose an iconic rock song and not something obscure. This is Adam's chance to prove that he is a rock star. He's definitely proving it. It's possible Adam was born in the wrong generation. He would have been an amazing hair band frontman. I'm slightly frightened of him. In a good way. Kara called him a rock god, and I think she broke a few blood vessels. Paula called him a "whole lotta perfect". Simon called it one of his favorite Adam performances. Danny and Kris are backstage weeping.

Allison: Singing "Cry Baby" by Janis Joplin. I love her choice - it's essentially the girl version of Adam's choice. I know I've talked about my love for Allison from the start, but this little girl is just so damn talented. I'm unsure about her chances for the finals, but she is really putting it all out there this week. She rocked this song. Darn, Randy didn't like it. Kara didn't like the song choice. Simon complimented her vocals and confidence saying she's really come a long way, but also didn't love her song choice. I think Allison fans are loyal, but I don't know if she converted anyone this week.

First Duet - Danny and Kris: Singing "Renegade" by The Styx. Ehh they sound fine, but I'm bored. Encouraging reviews from the judges, but nothing stellar. Simon said Danny way better than Kris, which earned him a snarky look from Kris. He looks less than thrilled to be up there. I don't care if that stage fell down during rehearsals, I have no room for your attitude Kris.

Kris: Singing "Come Together" by The Beatles with the guitar. This choice feels a little stale since many other Idols have performed it. Slash tells him to be a little more animated - haha. I still can't put my finger on it, but Kris still hasn't won me over. He's marketable and cute, and I have no doubt that he'll put out successful records. His fans seem to love him. Sorry Kris, I'm just not on board. Randy just "liked" the vocals, but loved his guitar skills. Kara didn't like it - felt that he was trying too hard. Paula is confusing. Simon said it was like "eating ice for lunch because it will leave you with nothing to remember afterwards". Simon, you are a genius with words. Kris, PLEASE SHOW SOME EMOTION! Why hasn't anyone pointed this out?

Danny: Singing "Dream On" by Aerosmith. Slash recognizes what a tough song it is, and I have to agree. This choice makes me a little nervous. It's definitely iconic, I'm just not sure it will resonate with the younger viewers. He's pulling it off. My only problem is he looks pissed. Danny's generally a happy, animated singer. He's trying to look like a rocker with edge, but he just seems unhappy. I have a feeling Danny and Kris suffered the most from the interrupted rehearsal earlier in the night. They just seem uneasy. Mixed reviews from the judges, but still positive because they all like him and recognize this isn't his genre. Simon compared his final note to a horror movie.

Second Duet - Adam and Allison: Singing "Slow Ride" by Fog hat. I love that they were paired up. These two definitely ruled this night. We also found out that Allison visited Adam's stylist this week. Matching punk hair. How cute. Their duet is much more fluid and fun than Danny/Kris. Their powerful voices compliment each other well too. They seem like they genuinely had fun - as opposed to the other two who looked like they wanted to kill each other. Judges all loved it.

Who I think will go home: Allison (boo)
Who I think should go home: Kris
Who got my vote: Adam


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