May 20, 2009

idol finale

Well, it's the finale. Is it me or did this season fly by? Not the most exciting season, most eliminations were pretty predictable from week to week, and no overly eccentric or endearing personalities. I don't want to use the word bland, because I've certainly had my favorites and talent is in abundance, but I don't think this will go down as one of the most memorable seasons.

I'm watching the performance and results shows consecutively again tonight. I find this enjoyable. There are all kinds of celebrities in the audience tonight. I'll try to keep an "I spy" tally as I go along.

Order was determined by a coin toss, and Kris chose to perform second. I miss Danny.

Adam 1: Singing "Mad World" again - one of his best performances. Excuse the cheese, but he was really born to sing this song. He's wearing a long coat. I can't get behind long coats on men. Unless you're Christopher Walkin. I'm not sure why. God, I'm just now realizing how glaringly different Adam and Kris are. It's kind of funny how Idol finals always end up that way - remember Carrie and Bo? Taylor and Katherine? Anyway, back to Adam. He rocked it of course. It's a mellow, intense song. Frankly, he scared me. In a good way. Judges all love it, but Simon called it a bit melodramatic. What were you expecting?

I spy: Anthony Hopkins

Kris 1: During his family video, Kris' mom said he gave her "music coupons" for her birthday, which she could redeem for a song performances. Aww what a cute little boy. Then she said it was a few years ago. Not as cute. Singing "Ain't No Sunshine" at the piano. I can't remember if he sang this before. I think so. Sounds good. Kris, I dare you to get up on the piano and take off your pants. No? Boring. Judges all love it. Kara says he has the ability to create a unique bond with everyone in the audience. Maybe it's just me then.

I spy: Randy's sharp outfit

Adam 2: Singing "Change is Gonna Come" chosen by Simon Fuller. Adam changed into a really handsome light grey suit. He cleans up well. I wish his second song was more of a rocking out song though. I would have liked to see him jumping around a little, although the vocals were excellent. Kara called it possibly his best performance ever, and Paula agreed with enthusiasm that almost threw her off her own chair.

I spy: Katie and Suri!

Kris 2: Singing "What's Goin' on?" by the late, great Marvin Gaye chosen by Simon Fuller. This is Kris at his best - this kind of song with the acoustic guitar is his bread and butter. John Mayer minus the scary faces. Gotta hand it to him, Kris is throwing his best at Adam tonight. Just when I start handing out compliments, Randy disagrees calling it "too light" for this point in the competition. Kara tries to redeem by praising him up and down. I think she might be a little drunk. Simon likened it to "three friends in their bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gay." OUCH.

For the third round, each boy will sing a new song written by Kara called "No Boundaries". This will be the winner's song that becomes his first single.

Adam 3: He's singing his heart out. Sounds a little like late Bon Jovi, but more cheesey inspirational. Adam is making me believe that he's known this song for years when he probably learned it last week. Goosebumps. The boy is a pro. Probably not a song I would download, but these songs never are. Always a little cheesey. Randy didn't love the performance - a little pitchy. Kara is moved and proud. Paula is oozing love tonight. This isn't Simon's kind of song - no surprise - but great things to say about Adam.

Kris 3: Performing without an instrument, Kris' interpretation is similar. Not belting out the notes in the same way, but that's not his style. He sounds good, but nothing special. I'm sure this would not be his first choice for a single. Judges all bathed him with compliments, but admitted the song was too high for his register.


And now it's time for the results show....and the BIG boy stage.

I spy: a giant velour bow tie.

The opening montages making fun of the judges are pretty funny, especially the one highlighting Paula's colorful and sophisticated vocabulary.

The finalists are wearing all white. Again? Let's try something new next year, ok? The boys are joined by the top 13 to perform Pink's "So What". Oh god, please don't butcher this song. Too late. Scott, I almost forgot about you. How about Jorge? At least Allison is redeeming the group a little.

Last year's winner is up. David Cook is singing his new song called "Permanent". I'm reminded about how crazy I was for David last year. Maybe I'm becoming an old lady, but I just didn't find my inner teenager this season. Still love this guy though. This song was written for his brother who recently passed away. It's a beautiful song, and I'm sure not easy for him to sing. I will be downloading this tomorrow. He's just a class act.

Ryan is at the podium, which has me reaching for my clicker. Really? The Golden Idol awards again? It's so painful and awkward. What are the chances these people won hundreds of free beers from their friends for pulling pranks on Idol producers? I'm going to hope for that.

Except of course for Norman Gentle! I almost forgot about him! I have to admit, I love the guy. So glad he won this prestigious award. I hope there's a place for him in show biz.

Special Duet 1: Lil Rounds sings with Queen Latifah. Glad she got the chance to do this. Now that the pressure is off, Lil actually sounds and looks great. This is what we were waiting for during the competition. Oh well, at least she got to do this fun duet with Queen. I'm sure it was a thrill for her. However, WHO told Queen to wear a onesie?

Special Duet 2: Alexis and Anoop singing "I'm Yours" with Jason Mraz. A popular song during this year's competition, so no surprise they would ask him to perform. They are joined by a chorus of other contestants. It's a group-friendly song, so I'm sure it will be a fixture on the tour.
Special Duet 3: Kris singing with Keith Urban. I missed the title of the song, but it's fun. This is actually the first time I've seen Keith Urban perform. I think you need to always say (or type) his full name. Keith Urban. Kris is basically singing back up for Keith Urban. It's making Kris seem much cooler.

Top 5 girls perform "Glamorous". Ugh. It's like they're all on the stage separately without acknowledging each other. Painful...and then Fergie came out. Unfortunately, this doesn't improve things. Now the Black Eyed Peas come out for a performance. Someone must have cursed because we had a small break with an Idol logo graphic. This is all over the place. Move on please.

Bikini Girl is back to collect the Golden Idol award for attitude. I'm pretty sure she has new boobs. She starts performing "Vision of Love" - her showdown song with Kara during auditions - and she is soon joined on the stage by the judge. And Kara flashes her bikini! I love it! Kara just won me over for the season.

I spy: Priscilla Presley

Special Duet 4: CYNDI LAUPER. I'm a happy girl. My all time favorite singing with my favorite contestant. Cyndi on American Idol? I don't even care, I love it. And I love that Allison got to sing "Time After Time" with her. The thrill of a lifetime - I practice for a moment like that in the shower every day.

Mr. Danny Gokey: Disappointed he's singing a boring song, but I'm glad we get to hear Danny one last time. He really is a class act, and some day I'll get over Kris beating him out. Probably tomorrow. Ok, this just got much cooler with Lionel Richie on the stage. Say what you will, the guy is a legend. An odd pairing, but fun.

Special Duet 5: Don't think I ever could have predicted Adam singing with KISS. Pretty badass. Watching a "reunion" performance for a band like this always waks a fine line between awesome and sad. Thankfully, they stayed on the better side of awesome for most of the time. Adam must be dying inside. He's totally holding his own. Look at their SHOES.

Carlos Santana. Don't care...let's get to the winner already!

Special Duet 6: Megan, Michael....and Steve Martin? Who knew Steve Martin was into...what is this? Bluegrass? Country? I don't quite know what to say about this. Michael and Megan do sound nice though.

Top 8 boys singing Rod Stewart's "If You Want My Body". Will Rod Stewart seriously take the stage? Indeed he does. Need to hand it to Idol this year, it's a quite a lineup. Rod sounds as timeless as ever. The top boys' performance knocked the girls out of the park.

I spy: Kate Walsh dancing to Rod Stewart

I spy: Joel Madden and Nicole Richie

Another Golden Idol award...for crazypants Tatiana. Fastforward Fastforward.

Final Duet: Adam and Kris singing "We Are the Champions" with Queen... or at least part of it. Miss you, Freddie. Another pinch-me moment for these guys I'm sure.

And now for the moment of truth....


I'm done.


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