April 2, 2009

return of the runway

Since I've complained about it here a time or two, I am happy to report Project Runway is on the road to return. FINALLY, the Weinsteins agreed to pay NBC for the rights to move the series from Bravo to Lifetime, where the show will officially find a new home.

I have to say, I was never happy about Runway leaving Bravo because the show did so much for the Bravo brand, and is so intrinsically tied to the network. But I'll have to get over it because at least we will have our Tim back.

The sixth season of Runway - the first to be set in Los Angeles - was produced for Lifetime, but has gone unaired during the legal squabble. We're said to expect the season to run this summer. Let's hope the clothing has not gone out of style.


Anonymous said...

The new Issac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland compatish The Fashion Show---thoughts?

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