April 27, 2009

chuck finale, please not forever

I hope you all are watching Chuck right now, and it wouldn't hurt if you have a few Subway sandwich wrappers in your trash cans. I'm about to start watching a little delayed via DVR, so I can speed through those pesky ads. I'll write a few thoughts while I'm watching...no promises on my grammar or sentence structure. Not that there ever are.

Right out of the gate, my stomach does a little flip when Chuck and Casey walk through the Buy More side by side catching stares from everyone. And...they quit!

The General offers Chuck an analyst job? She even smiled a little! It was a fleeting moment as Chuck turned down her offer. And who knew Chuck was in for a big chunk of government change?

I love Casey's secret phone number card. That was his equivalent of a big hug for Chuck.

I have to say, I'm unenthused to see Bryce Larkin again. Not because he'll mess things up for Sarah and Chuck - I just never found his character that interesting.

It's pretty hilarious that Casey's voice goes 8 octaves lower when reunited with his unit.

In a moment of putting it all out on the line for Sarah - asking her to take a vacation with him - Chuck shot down. Figuratively. At least for now, as Chevy means business.

Is it me or does Morgan's hair keep getting taller as he gets shorter?

Turns out Bryce is a good guy afterall.
I love Chuck's dad working with Sarah. I just really love that Orion.


Hahahaha.... Awesome Dad calls Lester an Indian lesbian.

The fight scene in the reception hall...and all I can think about is all of those ruined flowers and place settings. Incidentally, it's all pretty ugly. A heart-shaped ice sculpture? Thankfully, that was not long for this world.

I don't know what this says about me, but I almost cried when Casey came crashing through the ceiling. You rang? I mean, come on. Even better, Mr. Roboto is still playing through the whole scene.

Casey taking care of take-two wedding arrangements down in the bunker is absolutely priceless.

I'm going to do my best to suspend my disbelief and accept that Ellie found a new dress and stylist and everything else came together all before the sun went down. This wedding is beautiful - perfect for the Awesomes.

Sarah signals to Bryce that she's not going with him on the mission. I actually feel a little bad for the guy.

Part of me wishes it would just end here, but what fun would that be?

Ok, this is my first moment of confusion. Did Casey tell that soldier to kill Chevy? Or did he just do that on his own? Is he rogue? This is not looking good.

Poor Casey loses three of his Marine buddies, but thankfully not his life or this TV would have been turned off and thrown out the window.

Hmm..still a little confused about Bryce. Good? Bad? I think good, but the bad guys got him.

Did we always know that Chuck's dad could flash? This appears to be news to everyone.

Bryce's move to use the other guy's gun - while still in that guy's hands - then turn around and use him as a shield was one of the coolest fight moves we've seen on this show. Too bad he died.

Destroy the intersect Chuck! Or put it back in your head, then destroy it. You know, whatever. Was this Chuck trying to be a hero? No, this was Chuck not giving up on the mission. He is a spy.

The new intersect gave him super powers! Chuck me! I am laughing hysterically at Sarah and Casey's reactions to Chuck kicking ass.

In the end, here's what we know:
  • The Awesomes are married.
  • Morgan is headed to Hawaii with Anna to learn the ancient art of Benihana.
  • Chevy is dead.
  • Bryce is dead.
  • Chuck knows Kung Fu.

Here's what we're left wondering:

  • What will happen to the Buy More?
  • Will Chuck's dad stick around to help the renewed mission? What will the renewed mission be? I wouldn't mind seeing Scott Bakula become a regular.
  • Will Morgan last in Hawaii?
  • Will Sarah bottle her feelings for Chuck again for the sake of the mission? Or can she not resist the Kung Fu charm?
  • Bryce said Fulcrum was just one part of the puzzle. What else is out there?
  • Will Jeffster go on tour?
P.S. Check out Give Me My Remote for lots of fun Chuck stuff and ways to support the show.


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