April 13, 2009

are you a troll or a butt-kisser?

ABC News columnist Michael S. Malone published a great column last Friday about web commenting. Do you comment on the blogs or sites that you read? I tend to lurk (read, but not comment) more than I should, but I'm trying to be better about that.

What Type of Web Commenter Are You? diagnoses about 25 different commenting personality types. There's no doubt that commenting, especially on news sites, has revolutionized the concept of letters-to-the-editor. Many comment sections take a life of their own, often far beyond the purpose of the original piece. Some get pretty nasty, but for better or worse, it provides a forum for readers.

So, what kind of commenter are YOU? The Defender, the Skimmer, the Boaster, the Illiterate, the Confessor (my personal favorite), the Unacknowledged Expert, the Perv (gasp)?

I hope this will inspire you to comment here more often. I'm equal opportunity for all types. Except if you're the Perv...unless you're a Perv who loves TV.

Side Rant: My least favorite commenters are those who insist on writing "FIRST!" after every post to claim the coveted spot as the first commenter. To make matters worse, 9 times out of 10, they are not the first commenter. What is the deal with this? Why is it such a big deal? I think you might want to take a self-examinating look at your life priorities.


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