March 12, 2009

tgif top 10: thursday edition

I'm taking a little vacation time that will limit my blogging ability (gasp), so the top 10 list is coming early this week. In preparation for vacation, I'm clearing my mind of all things annoying and stressful. So, I'm making a list of all TV-related things and leaving them behind never to bug me again.

In no particular order, here are my top television pet peeves. The things that plague me and keep me up at night - some you've heard before and some are just my weirdo issues. Please add you're own in the comments if you suffer from the same neurosis.

Top 10 TV Pet Peeves:
  1. Makeup in the Morning: I understand it's Hollywood, and I'm fine with actors waking up with flawless hair and zero puffiness. But I cannot get behind waking up with perfect lipstick. It's physically impossible and absurd.
  2. Kids Talking Like Adults: Also known as "Dawson's Creek Syndrome" - but my problem is more with really small children. Writers who obviously do no understand child development writing lines for kids who don't even know what they're saying. It's creepy.
  3. Police Visits: This might be my worst one, and all Law & Order iterations are guilty of it. When cops show up to questions someone at their home or workplace, the person just goes about their business as if it happens every day. Walking on the treadmill, filing papers, feeding the dog. If the cops came to question me, I would drop everything and try not to pee my pants.
  4. Abandoned Meals: Eating while acting is difficult and probably not advisable in most situations. However, I get a little twinge in my stomach when people have huge meals delivered to them, then leave the table 30 seconds later.
  5. Rude Phone Etiquette: No one ever says "bye" in a TV phone conversation. Ever. They just hang up.
  6. Jobcentric Dating: Doctors only date doctors and lawyers only date lawyers. I love inter-cast relationships as much as the next girl, but a little branching out never hurt anyone.
  7. Recasting: During my short-lived soap opera phase, recasting made me crazy. But I will say soaps are the only genre that can get away with it - there are just too many episodes with no breaks, and actors burn out. Any other time, it's much more interesting to just kill the person off and bring in someone new. It's especially annoying when they turbo grow a child by recasting. I'm looking at you, Party of Five.
  8. Unequal Housing Opportunities: I might be bitter because I live in a shoe, but Penny from The Big Bang Theory could never afford that apartment. She works at California Pizza Kitchen for goodness sake.
  9. Stupid Dads: Why does it seems like every dad on a comedy series has Ray Barone Syndrome? Dads are not that dumb. In fact, many can handle car pool, cooking AND laundry. I'm all about revolting from the Make Room For Daddy sitcom days, but this plotline is getting a little tiresome.
  10. Parking Spots: Always available and always in the front.


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