March 25, 2009

idol top 10

It's Motown week. The contestant get to go visit Barry Gordy and Smokey Robinson at Hitsville, USA, which is pretty amazing. Smokey served as the mentor this week. Here we go:

(By the way, in case my tense is confusing, I do the Idol blogs while I'm actually watching the show. And no, I don't have a life.)

Matt: Singing "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye at the piano. I think I've been underestimating this guy a little. He really has a great voice. This kind of music with a bluesy feel is definitely his strength. I worry that the judges will say it's old-fashioned. I was wrong - they all really liked it, saying he's now one of the front runners.

Sidenote: Randy is wearing turquoise.

Kris: Singing "How Sweet It Is" by Marvin Gaye with the guitar. Again, Kris is just blahh for me. He's like a kid at the high school talent show trying to be John Mayer. Everyone else likes him. I'm at a table for one.

Scott: Singing "You Can't Hurry Love" by Diana Ross at the piano. Interesting choice - a little cheesy interpretation, but there's no denying that he's a talented musician. Again, this guy is an adult contemporary artist, not a pop star. But I still like watching him. Simon pretty much hated it, and Randy agreed.

Megan: Singing "For Once In My Life" by The Temptations. She is just too darn cute. I love her outfit and hair this week. Smokey said it right - she's perhaps the most original contestant they've had on Idol. It's some odd place between awkward and cool. Uh oh. Randy called it a train wreck. He said the tempo was too fast, and I actually agree. No one seems to like the song choice. Simon called it atrocious. I hope this isn't it for her.

Sidenote: Simon seems like he has somewhere else to be.

Anoop: Singing "Ooh Baby Baby" by Smokey Robinson. Right off the bat, I'm thinking this is a risky choice for Anoop. His voice does sound nice, but I'm bored. And it's not often that Anoop bores me. Kara is impressed with his vocal skills and wants him to continue showing it off. Even Simon said it was a great vocal, but needs to work on showmanship.

Michael the Oil Rigger: Singing "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" by The Temptations. Michael says he's going to "take it to church" this week, which I gather means break it down. I would say good, but not great on this one. Ouch, Paula called it Las Vegas loungey. Simon said he couldn't wait for it to end.

Paula Note: I really love her hair short tonight.

Lil Rounds: Singing "Heat Wave" by Martha and The Vandellas. She was made for songs like this. She looks great and sounds great. Randy actually didn't love it, Kara agreed. Paula loved it. Simon called it an authentic tribute, but didn't love the song choice.

Adam: Singing "The Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson. I love this song, so I'm a little worried about how Adam will do to it. He completely changed his image this week going for an old school Elvis look, which is interesting. He's singing with only an acoustic guitar player. I honestly can't decide how I feel about this. I think I like it. Smokey gave him a standing ovation, which I think is the first of the night. All the judges love him as usual.

Danny: Singing "Get Ready" by The Temptations. He's always fun and great at this big vocal, high energy songs. This is what Michael was trying to do, but didn't pull off. This was one of my favorites of the night. Paula, Randy, and Kara loved it, Simon called it clumsy and amateurish.

Allison: Singing "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" by The Temptations. She's still one of my favorites. She really wiped the floor with this song - just such a powerful voice coming from a 16-year-old girl. Kara is going crazy for her. Everyone else loved her too.

Final Note: Smokey Robinson is a handsome man. And he's so nice and sweet to all the contestants. I have a little crush on him.

Who I think is going home: Michael
Who I hope is going home: Michael

End Note: Annoyed yet? I just saw a preview for Glee, the new Fox show coming up in May. I CANNOT wait.


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