February 19, 2009

some daisies news

Following, Pushing Daisies' tragic cancellation and abrupt season ending, we've all been waiting for the news about the final three episodes. Until today, I thought ABC was contractually obligated to run them. Apparently, not the case.

The good news is, the final three will be televised. But not on TV. They will be presented a Paley Festival in April in LA. Paley Fest is an annual television conference sponsored by the Paley Center for Media that basically consists of a bunch of promotional panels featuring writers, directors and actors from different shows. It's a dream, but super expensive and nearly impossible to get tickets if you're not an influential journalist or blogger (shockingly, I'm not there yet).

Kind of an odd choice, but this speaks to the enormous critical and creative acclaim for Daisies - this is a group that would want to see it through to the end. Good that at least some people will get some closure on this amazing series - Bryan Fuller is said to be introducing the screening. Hopefully, we'll see them when/if the season 2 DVD comes out.

Still no word on whether ABC will air the final Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money episodes, but it's not looking good. Good news is, ABC has a buttload of new shows coming in March/April - more on those later.


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