February 12, 2009


I've been away, so just had a mini DVR Lost marathon. Again, I'm completely unqualified for this, so I will divide my thoughts into the categories that best describe my viewing experience (from the last few episodes).

Things I loved:
  • Getting a little background on Danielle and her French colleagues. How sad.
  • Sawyer watching Kate deliver Aaron.
  • Sun pulling a gun on Ben.
  • Hurley completely content and happy in LA County lock up.
  • JIN.

Things that completely confused me:

  • Nose bleeds. Stop that.
  • Christian. I do not get him at all. I thought he was just traveling to Australia to see his daughter, Claire, and then crashed on the island? What's the deal? Is he the man behind the curtain?
  • Ben. Bad or good? It's making me crazy.
  • Pretty sure I called scary church lady being Farraday's mom, but I guess that was obvious. What's not obvious is who the heck she is.
  • If everyone needs to go back to the island, does that include Jin and Sun's baby?

Favorite Moment: Sawyere's reunion with Jin (notice pattern)

Least Favorite Moment: Kate being mean to Jack. You're supposed to always be "with him."


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