January 27, 2009

ugly news

Does anyone still watch Ugly Betty? I do, but sometimes I wonder if it's just out of habit. I love some of the characters, especially Mark, Amanda and Wilhemina. I was sad to see Alexis (Rebecca Romijn's tranny) go. I also think the show has been really repetitive in the last two seasons. At first, Betty's struggle as out-of-place-under-appreciated assistant in the cutthroat fashion world was complimented with a far-fetched but entertaining mystery subplot. Lately, it's been more about mediocre love storylines and Betty still struggling as an out-of-place-under-appreciated assistant. Shouldn't she be promoted by now? And that Lindsay Lohan story arc was a big ol' waste of time.

Anyway, Michael Ausiello at EW is reporting a little hiatus for Betty this spring, which does not bode well. ABC is benching Betty beginning March 26 and replacing it with episodes of Samantha Who? and the new Megan Mullally-Cheryl Hines comedy In the Motherhood (I'm looking into this one). This means Betty probably won't return until June, although they're not confirming.

I understand giving the two newer comedies a try on super popular Thursday - Betty never seemed to fit well in that early 8pm slot - but I hope this doesn't spell the beginning of the end because I think the show has potential to get out of this slump. I think I've said this before, but Ugly Betty was part of the "new ABC" - one of the shows, along with Lost and Grey's Anatomy - that put the network on top. It was really one of the first original dramedies. Plus it always gets award nominations. Although we've seen that doesn't matter much to ABC...oh Pushing Daisies, I still mourn the loss.


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