January 24, 2009


The 2-hour premiere of Lost was a doozie. For me, watching this show leaves me mixed between completely loving it and feeling like total idiot. As much as I love it, I've never been an "active" Lost viewer reading all the blogs and disecting the number patterns, etc. This often leads me with much more questions than answers, so I'm not sure I'm qualified to blog about it myself. But I will anyway.

Here's what I loved:
  • Hurley and his parents. Those two are perfectly cast. That's Cheech, right? Hurley really is the moral center of the show. In a way, he's the most believable of all the characters. Of course he should be in a mental hospital and trying to get arrested to get away from Ben. That would be the normal reaction to being stranded on a disappearing island with killer polar bears.
  • Rose and Bernard. I just love them.
  • Sawyer taking charge. I liked seeing Sawyer taking a leadership role in the new group dynamic of those left on the island. Let's not forget, he did a pretty incredible thing by jumping out of that plane. "So she could make it...I mean so they could make it." Oh Sawyer, you big softy.
  • Fire arrow scene. Good god. I think this may have been an excuse to get rid of some of the extras. I keep forgetting that they still have a planeful of people around.
Here's what made me feel like a total idiot:
  • Redhead and the nosebleed. I'm forgetting her name, but what's up with the Redhead? Is it because she was born there, and they're going back in time to before she was born?
  • Farraday. And now Farraday's mom? And Farraday is probably in love with Redhead, right? But we know he doesn't age because he looked the same in the flashback to the Dharma Initiative training video scene. This makes him really old, and Redhead really young. Could he be her father? Yikes.
  • Ben and Sayid. What is their deal? Did Ben kill Sayid's wife, so he could have an excuse to get him to assassinate all those other guys? Did those guys work for Charles Widmore? Does Sayid trust Ben? I couldn't tell if Sayid was trying to bring Hurley to him or keep him away from him.
  • The older lady at the end with Ben. Am I supposed to know her? I feel like I am. Is that Farraday's mom?

Favorite moment: Hurley throwing a Hot Pocket at Ben when he startled him in his parents' house. Exactly what I would have done.

Least favorite moment: The replay of Jin's death scene. No more. I cannot watch that again.


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