September 5, 2008


I finally got to see the premiere of 90210 last night. Initial reaction: I liked it more than I thought I would. The flow was a little awkward - set up almost like acts in a play. Each segment between commercial breaks seemed to have a climax and conclusion. That may have been the writers trying to set up too many storylines in the pilot.

I'll do my best not to compare it too critically to the original. Keep in mind that early high school Bev Hills was very different than what came to be in the end. It was basically an afterschool special that revolved around teen issues. New 90210 definitely moved in that direction covering all of the major "issues" in the very first episode: sex, drugs, alcohol, stealing, cheating, and dysfunctional parents.

The adult characters are pretty strong - Rob Estes and Lori Loughlin ain't no Jim and Cindy, but they have chemistry and a wholesome quality that works. Kelly Taylor. What can we say? She was actually great in this first episode. The character seems to fit well without looking like a stunt. Brenda Walsh, on the other hand, seemed a little unnecessary in this episode. I love me some Shannen Doherty, and I'm so so glad that Brenda's back, but I hope they use her better in the coming episodes. I like that other teacher dude too - using the teachers as more major characters will be helpful to broaden the audience (to people like me who still like high school dramas).

As for the kid characters, a little disappointed. Annie, played by Shenae Grimes, is pretty good. Likeable but not annoying, and her acting is surprisingly strong. But girl needs to eat a sandwich. And then another sandwich. Naomi, played by the much too old-looking AnnaLynne McCord, is over-the-top MTV stereotypical. If this is supposed to be the Kelly Tayloresque character, they need to make her more sympathetic. As for the boys... Ethan is cute but the good guy/bad guy thing was a little cliche. Dixon isn't bad, but I'm confused about whether he is sharing "main character" status with Annie like Brenda/Brandon. I would like to see more of him. Last, but not least, Silver (Erin Silver, sister of Kelly and David) is brilliant. I want to be her best friend.

Favorite things:
  1. Silver's blog
  2. Grandmother played brilliantly by Jessica Walter
  3. Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez cameo "What is she like 30?"
  4. Nat!
  5. Musical theater
Least favorite things:
  1. They used the p-word and the v-word in the same episode. Gross. Yes, I'm 8.
  2. Peach Pit as a lame coffee shop
  3. Druggie actress girl. What's her deal?
  4. Zach Efron lookalike rich boy from the play - yuck
  5. Annie eating a teeny tiny salad at lunch. Sandwich I said!

Ok, I'm actually writing like a teenager.

Best lines:
"I need to finish my memoir before my friend Virginia does. We've slept will all the same men."
- the grandmother

"My dad has two rules. No watching porn until I'm 21, and we always have dinner together."
- the nerdy video kid whose father is a porn producer


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Is the Grimes chick related to Scott Grimes???

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