August 11, 2008

20 years

This blog has been 20 years in the making. Before I could tell time, I would ask my mother how long a road trip would be based on the number of Brady Bunch episodes that could be completed during the trip (one hour left equals two episodes, two hours equals four episodes, etc.) This provided a definitive method of determining whether I could survive the remainder of the road trip without kicking my sister or peeing my pants. A television show was my measure of time. To say television has become my measure of happiness would be an exaggeration...sort of. Let's just say, that Brady Bunch mentality never left me.

My sister would notice me day dreaming when I was a kid and ask what I was doing. I would simply say "watching Growing Pains." Yup, in my head. Except in my head, the Seavers never moved to DC in the season finale. That was just unacceptable. In "watching" television in my head, I took the opportunity to make the changes I deemed necessary to my favorite shows. Mary from Little House on the Prairie obviously got her sight back in a freak house riding accident, Jessie Spano and AC Slater never broke up, and Brenda sure as hell didn't move to Paris. Years later, I've stopped watching, reviewing and rewriting shows in my head. Mostly. And there you have the reason for this blog.

I watch TV. A lot. I have a life and a job and all of those wonderful things, but when I want to ignore them, TV is there. I like a lot of stupid shows, and I hate a lot of good shows. I'm going to write about them all, what's happening to TV, the industry, and everything in between. Comment, contribute, I'll post whatever - unless you believe Brenda belonged in Paris.



LT said...

This sounds more like "Maura learns math" than "Maura loves TV."

Pui Chi said...

I can't wait to see what you have in store. I expect some Gilmore Girls references every now and again :)

My favorite shows this past year have been Gossip Girl, Heroes, Ugly Betty, The Office, How I Met Your Mother and the Arrested Development DVDs. Only a few more weeks until they start premiering. Yay!

papayavt said...

oh yay! this looks fun, maura.

my story is, girl gets dvr, has anyone seen girl, lately?

i look forward to reading more!

good luck!

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