August 8, 2010

south america is a long way from dillion, texas

Are we ready to see Matt QB#7 Saracen in another role? Well, we're going to have to be. Zach Gilford has been cast as a series regular in a new fall show called Off the Map.

If you haven't heard about it, Off the Map is a new ABC drama coming in September by Shonda Rhimes - creator and excecutive producer of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. That's right, Shonda will have THREE medical dramas on primetime next season. For better or worse, she has pretty much cornered the market on this genre, you have to admit.

Gilford will play a plastic surgeon joining a team of doctors at medical clinic in a small town in South America. A plastic surgeon? Isn't Matt Saracen - I mean Zach Gilford - a little young to be a medical school graduate?

I wasn't particularly excited for another medical drama, but a bit more intrigued with this new addition. What say you? Ready to see him outside of Dillion?

Editor's note: That's probably not the most relevant photo for this story, but I love it. So tough.


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