April 12, 2010

conan's big news

He found a home!

Conan has signed a deal for an 11:00 show 4 nights a week on TBS*. Not many people saw that coming! Rumors of FOX or possibly a premium cable spot have been swirling for weeks. Here are some of the latest details on the TBS deal.

Having not yet read any of the reactions or analysis from smart people who know about this stuff, I think I like it. TBS has been re-branding as a comedy network for the past couple of years, and we've seen some decent programming come out of it (My Boys being a favorite of mine). I've never seen George Lopez's new show (now moving to midnight after Conan), but this seems like a solid pairing, and Lopez has been building some momentum for late night on TBS for the past few months.

I also think there's an advantage to the 11:00 timeslot versus 11:35 for Leno and Letterman. Among the young audience especially, viewership of late night local news is dwindling. Personally, I'd much rather hop over to Conan right after my 10pm shows. I'm not likely to stay awake through the later programs anyway (still love you, Kimmel).

Twitter, blogs, and entertainment news will be all abuzz with this news today. Feel free to post your thoughts here!

*special thanks to Memphis Steve


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