March 28, 2010

much delayed thoughts on richard alpert

The long awaited Richard Alpert back story! I have to say, immediately following episode, I was a little disappointed. But as I've thought about about it, there's more to like than I initially realized. Some of my disappointment was probably due to the high expectations. I really wanted this episode to bring a lot of answers, but it ended up confirming a lot of what we already know. Regardless, Nestor Carbonell had a performance of a lifetime.

Here's what we learned:
  • The island is essentially a Hellmouth. Or is it? This theory of the island as a gateway to hell or some kind of purgatory has been floating around since season one. I like that we got more clarity from Jacob and his wine bottle metaphor, but I'm still hoping the root of Lost isn't only in this heaven/hell concept. There's a lot of science there - between the Dharma project and Widmore's obsession - not to mention time travel and Daniel Farraday. That needs to be factored in
  • Given the physical prowess he displayed fighting Richard, it's pretty clear that Jacob probably let Ben kill him. Did he decide it was time for the candidates to figure it out in a Jacob-less island?
Here's what I'mstill wondering:
  • Richard was not forgiven for his sins by that priest and ended up on the island. I think we can find examples of the theme forgiveness of sins (on different levels) for all of the Losties. Is their behavior on the island supposed to earn them this forgiveness?

  • If this is a Hellmouth, why can people be killed? Does this mean they pass on to whichever afterlife awaits them? Is that why women can't have babies?

  • Again, if this is a Hellmouth, where did the Oceanic 6 go when the returned home? Was that some kind of test for the candidates? If so, did they pass by coming back? I guess we still don't know if Kate is a candidate.

  • Has Ben grown up in a Hellmouth? That certainly explains a lot. What about others who lived in the Hellmouth, but grew up and moved on like Eloise Hawking and Widmore?

  • What about Desmond punching in the code in the hatch? Was that also come kind of test?

  • At the end, was Isabelle telling Richard to let go and die? I didn't understand what she was releasing him from, but I sort of think it's time for Richard to take a good long nap.

  • Perhaps most importantly, can we trust Jacob's explanation of things? Richard certainly doesn't seem to anymore.
A few other bits to note:
  • Are we supposed to believe that, after 150 years, Richard can dig up that necklace on the first try? I can't even remember which underpants I'm currently wearing.

  • The actor playing the original Man in Black definitely appeared to be a doing a Terry O'Quinn impersonation this time, right? I'm sure that was an intentional direction, and I liked it.

  • Cheesey as it was, I definitely cried during the Ghost moment between Richard, Isabelle, and Hurley.

  • Per the opening scenes, we now know Sun is the Kwon on the candidate list.


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